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kin /kin/
  • danh từ
    • dòng dõi, dòng họ, gia đình
      • to come of good kin: sinh ra ở một gia đình tốt
    • bà con thân thiết, họ hàng
      • to be near of kin: là bà con gần
  • tính từ vị ngữ
    • có họ là bà con thân thích
      • we are kin: chúng tôi có họ với nhau
      • to be kin to someone: có họ với ai, là bà con thân thích với ai
Concise Dictionary
+a person having kinship with another or others
+group of people related by blood or marriage
+related by blood
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 family, relative(s), relation(s), kindred, kinsfolk or US and Canadian kinfolk, kinsman, kinswoman, stock, clan, blood-relation(s), blood-relative(s):
We might have the same name, but he's no kin of mine. Grandmother says that too many people are thoughtless of their kin these days.
2 related, akin (to), kindred, consanguineous, consanguine, cognate, agnate:
One often forgets that all men are kin.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[pl.] (old-fashioned or formal) your family or your relatives: Marriage between close kin is prohibited.
Compare: KINDRED
See also - NEXT OF KIN
Idioms see KITH
Collocation Dictionary


close, intimate, near
Marriage between close kin is prohibited.
| extended
Ties with extended kin vary from family to family.
| distant | female, male


group, network | relationships


between ~


next of kin
One of the drivers was fatally injured; his next of kin has been informed.

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