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jug /dʤʌg/
  • danh từ
    • cái bình (có tay cầm và vòi)
    • (từ lóng) nhà tù ((cũng) stone jug)
    • ngoại động từ
      • ((thường) động tính từ quá khứ) hầm (thỏ) trong nồi đất
        • jug ged hare: thịt thỏ hầm trong nồi đất
      • (từ lóng) giam, bỏ tù
      • danh từ
        • tiếng hót (của chim sơn ca...) ((cũng) jug)
        • nội động từ
          • hót (chim sơn ca...)
        Concise Dictionary
        +a large bottle with a narrow mouth
        +the quantity contained in a jug
        +lock up or confine, in or as in a jail
        +stew in an earthenware jug

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        pitcher, ewer, urn, carafe, bottle, flask, decanter, jar:
        She came in from the barn carrying a jug of fresh milk.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        + noun
        1 (BrE) (AmE pitcher) a container with a handle and a LIP, for holding and pouring liquids: a milk / water jug
        2 (AmE) a large round container with a small opening and a handle, for holding liquids: a five-gallon jug of beer
        3 the amount of liquid contained in a jug: She spilled a jug of water.
        Collocation Dictionary


        measuring | china, earthenware, enamel, enamelled, glass, plastic | cream, milk, water, wine

        VERB + JUG

        fill, pour sth into
        He filled a jug with juice.
        | pour, tip
        She poured a jug of water over his head.
        | empty, pour sth from/out of


        ~ of
        a jug of milk

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