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judgement /'dʤʌdʤmənt/ (judgement) /'dʤʌdʤmənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự xét xử
      • to pass (give, render) judgment on someone: xét xử ai
    • quyết định của toà; phán quyết, án
      • the last judgment: (tôn giáo) phán quyết cuối cùng (của Chúa)
    • sự trừng phạt, sự trừng trị; điều bất hạnh (coi như sự trừng phạt của trời)
      • your failure is a judgment on you for being so lazy: sự thất bại của anh là một trừng phạt đối với cái tội lười biếng của anh đấy
    • sự phê bình, sự chỉ trích
    • ý kiến, cách nhìn, sự đánh giá
      • in my judgment: theo ý kiến tôi
    • óc phán đoán, sức phán đoán, óc suy xét; lương tri
      • to show good judgment: tỏ ra có óc suy xét
      • a man of sound judgment: người có óc suy xét chắc chắn; người biết suy xét
Concise Dictionary
+the legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision
+an opinion formed by judging something
+the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions
+the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations
+the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions
+(law) the determination by a court of competent jurisdiction on matters submitted to it
+the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 judgment, discretion, discernment, discrimination, judiciousness, prudence, wisdom, wit, sagacity, perspicacity, clear-headedness, perception, perspicuousness, percipience, acumen, intelligence, (good) sense, common sense, level-headedness, understanding, shrewdness:
Charlotte's judgement is often sought in such matters.
2 decision, ruling, verdict, conclusion, determination, opinion, adjudication, finding, decree, order; outcome, result, upshot:
The judgement of the court is final. It was the judgement of Paris to award the golden apple to Aphrodite
3 criticism, censure, disapproval, reproof, condemnation:
They offered a moral, not a legal judgement.
4 opinion, view, belief, (way of) thinking, mind, perception; sentiment:
In my judgement, she is innocent.
5 evaluation, valuation, appraisal, estimation, assessment:
One critic's unfavourable judgement of a play can spell its doom.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also judgment especially in AmE)
+ noun
1 [U] the ability to make sensible decisions after carefully considering the best thing to do: good / poor / sound judgement + She showed a lack of judgement when she gave Mark the job. + It's not something I can give you rules for; you'll have to use your judgement. + He achieved his aim more by luck than judgement. + The accident was caused by an error of judgement on the part of the pilot.
2 [C, U] ~ (of / about / on sth) an opinion that you form about sth after thinking about it carefully; the act of making this opinion known to others: He refused to make a judgement about the situation. + Who am I to pass judgement on her behaviour? (= to criticize it) + I'd like to reserve judgement until I see the report. + It was, in her judgement, the wrong thing to do. + I did it against my better judgement (= although I thought it was perhaps the wrong thing to do).
3 (usually judgment) [C, U] the decision of a court of law or a judge: a judgment from the European Court of Justice + The judgment will be given tomorrow. + The court has yet to pass judgment (= say what its decision is) in this case.
4 [C, usually sing.] ~ (on sth) (formal) something bad that happens to sb that is thought to be a punishment from God
Idioms see SIT
Collocation Dictionary

1 decision/opinion


accurate | balanced | impartial, independent, objective | personal, subjective | intuitive | qualitative | harsh | snap
I hate having to make snap judgements.
| definitive


form, make
It's difficult to form a judgement when you don't have all the facts.
| express
Remember to be tactful when expressing a personal judgement.
| confirm
This latest case confirms my earlier judgement.
| come to, reach
It is too soon to reach any definitive judgement.
| deliver, give, pass, pronounce
The school inspector's function is not merely to pronounce judgement, but also to suggest improvements.
| reserve, suspend
The court reserved judgement on the two appeals.
| obtain, win
They obtained a judgement in their favour.
| reverse
They are trying to get the judgement reversed.
| abide by


in sb's ~
What, in your judgement, would be the best way to deal with the problem?
| ~ about
She must make her own judgement about when to go.
| ~ against
The sacked workers won a judgement against the company.
| ~ as to
Experience helps us to form judgements as to the best course of action in given circumstances.
| ~ on
I'm not equipped to pass judgement on such matters.

2 decision making


fine, good, remarkable, shrewd, sound
Landing a plane requires fine judgement.
| impartial, independent | impaired, weak | aesthetic, artistic, critical, ethical, moral, political, professional
She has a reputation for sound professional judgement.


display, show | rely on | respect, trust
He trusted his wife's judgement.
| doubt | back
The company backed her judgement and implemented all her recommendations.
| exercise, use | colour, influence
He never allows any prejudices to colour his judgement.
| sit in
He felt he had no right to sit in judgement on someone he had only just met.


~ about
You will need to exercise your own judgement about what clothes to wear.
| ~ in
The speaker showed good judgement in his choice of topic.


an error of judgement
Accepting the gift was an error of judgement on the part of the party chairman.
| a lack of judgement, a matter of judgement
How much money you should invest is a matter of judgement.

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