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judge /'dʤʌdʤ/
  • danh từ
    • quan toà, thẩm phán
    • người phân xử, trọng tài
    • người am hiểu, người sành sỏi
      • a judge of art: người am hiểu nghệ thuật
  • ngoại động từ
    • xét xử, phân xử (một vụ kiện, một người có tội...)
    • xét, xét đoán, phán đoán, đánh giá
      • do not judge people by appearance: đừng xét người theo bề ngoài
    • xét thấy, cho rằng, thấy rằng
      • if you judge it to be necessary: nếu anh xét thấy cái đó là cần thiết
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phê bình, chỉ trích
    • nội động từ
      • làm quan toà
      • làm người phân xử, làm trọng tài
      • xét, xét xử, xét đoán
    Concise Dictionary
    +a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice
    +an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality
    +determine the result of (a competition)
    +form a critical opinion of
    +judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time)
    +pronounce judgment on
    +put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 justice, magistrate, jurist, Isle of Man deemster or dempster, Slang Brit beak:
    The judge demanded order in the court.
    2 arbitrator, arbiter, umpire, referee, adjudicator, judicator, mediator, moderator:
    She served as a judge at Crufts dog show last year.
    3 connoisseur, expert, authority, arbiter, appraiser, evaluator, reviewer, critic, arbiter elegantiarum or elegantiae:
    Let me be the judge of which work I do best.
    4 adjudicate, adjudge, arbitrate, decide, find, conclude, settle, determine, decree, pass judgement, deem, rule, pronounce or pass sentence:
    Do you think the jury will judge in Claus's favour?
    5 assess, evaluate, appraise, estimate, rate, value, weigh, measure, review, consider, size up, appreciate:
    A ballistics expert is required to judge this evidence.
    6 referee, umpire, mediate, moderate, arbitrate:
    Mr Farnsworth agreed to judge the essay competition.
    7 believe, suspect, think, consider, suppose, guess, conjecture, surmise, conclude, infer:
    Palaeontologists judge the age of the specimens to be 400 million years.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    in court of law
    1 a person in a court of law who has the authority to decide how criminals should be punished or to make legal decisions: a High Court judge + a federal judge + The case comes before Judge Cooper next week. + The judge sentenced him to five years in prison.
    in competition
    2 a person who decides who has won a competition: the panel of judges at the flower show + The judges' decision is final.
    sb who gives opinion
    3 [usually sing.] a person who has the necessary knowledge or skills to give their opinion about the value or quality of sb/sth: She's a good judge of character. + The last singer was the best-not that I'm any judge (= I do not know much about the subject). + 'I'm not sure that's a good way to do it.' 'Let me be the judge of that.'
    + verb
    form opinion
    1 to form an opinion about sb/sth, based on the information you have: [V] As far as I can judge, all of them are to blame. + Judging by her last letter, they are having a wonderful time. + To judge from what he said, he was very disappointed. + [VN] Schools should not be judged only on exam results. + Each painting must be judged on its own merits. + [VN-N, VN to inf] The tour was judged a great success. + The tour was judged to have been a great success. + [VN-ADJ] They judged it wise to say nothing. [also V that, VN that, V wh-]
    2 to guess the size, amount, etc. of sth: [V wh-] It's difficult to judge how long the journey will take. + [VN to inf] I judged him to be about 50.
    in competition
    3 to decide the result of a competition; to be the judge in a competition: [VN] She was asked to judge the essay competition. [also V]
    give opinion
    4 to give your opinion about sb, especially when you disapprove of them: [VN] What gives you the right to judge other people? [also V]
    in court of law
    5 to decide whether sb is guilty or innocent in a court of law: [VN] to judge a case + [VN-ADJ] to judge sb guilty / not guilty
    Idioms: don't judge a book by its cover (saying) used to say that you should not form an opinion about sb/sth from their appearance only
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 applies the law


    experienced | learned | senior | presiding, trial | deputy | appeal (court), appellate, circuit, county court, district, federal, High Court, Supreme Court


    be, sit as
    By next year you could be sitting as a High Court judge.
    | appoint (sb as)


    preside, sit
    Which judge will be sitting next week?
    | call sb
    The judge called the remaining witness for the Crown.
    | direct sb
    The judge must direct the jury on points of law.
    | consider sth | accept sth, admit sth
    The judge admitted the notes of the interview as evidence.
    | dismiss sth, refuse sth, reject sth
    The trial judge dismissed her compensation claim.
    | conclude sth, decide sth, find sth, hold sth, rule sth, uphold sth
    The judge held that the company had been negligent.
    | sum up
    The judge summed up and the jury retired to consider its verdict.
    | sentence sb | order sth
    The judge ordered the company to pay compensation to the claimant.
    | award (sb) sth, grant (sb) sth
    The judge awarded him damages of £20,000.

    2 decides who has won a competition


    competition | independent


    a panel of independent judges


    choose sb/sth, decide sth


    the judges' decision
    The judges' decision on the entries is final.

    3 has the ability/knowledge to give an opinion


    astute, good, great, shrewd
    You are the best judge of what your body needs. a shrewd judge of character
    | poor | impartial


    ~ of
    He is a good judge of footballing talent.



    correctly, rightly | wrongly
    I think I judged the distance wrongly.
    | fairly, properly | harshly
    I think you're judging her rather harshly.
    | objectively | beautifully, carefully, finely, nicely, perfectly, well
    Their performance of the concerto was beautifully judged and finely controlled. ‘There's something I haven't told you.’ She judged her words carefully. The bowler judged it well, timing the ball to perfection.
    | accordingly
    Those who preach intolerance should be judged accordingly.


    be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | be able to, be in a position to
    I am in no position to judge whether what she is doing is right or wrong.
    | learn to
    learning to judge distances


    according to
    He believed that schools should be judged according to strictly academic criteria.
    | against
    judging his own performance against the performance of others
    | by
    You will be judged by the work you have produced over the year.
    | from
    The age of the furniture can be judged from the type of wood used.
    | on
    Your slogan will be judged on its originality and style.


    criteria for judging
    People use different criteria for judging success at school.
    | don't judge a book by its cover
    (figurative) (= don't judge sth by how it looks),
    judge by appearances, judging by/from sth
    He seems to have been a popular person, judging by the number of people at his funeral.
    | to judge by/from
    To judge from what she said, she was very disappointed.
    | judge for youself
    Readers are left to judge for themselves whether McCrombie is hero or villain.
    | judge sth on its merits
    Each painting must be judged on its own merits.

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