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joke /dʤouk/
  • danh từ
    • lời nói đùa, câu nói đùa
      • to crack a joke: nói đùa một câu
      • to play a joke on someone: đùa nghịch trêu chọc ai
      • to know how to take a joke: biết nghe nói đùa, không để tâm giận lời nói đùa
      • a practical joke: trò đùa ác ý, trò chơi khăm
    • trò cười (cho thiên hạ)
    • chuyện đùa; chuyện buồn cười, chuyện lố bịch; trường hợp xảy ra buồn cười
      • it is no joke: không phải là chuyện đùa
      • the joke is that: điều buồn cười là
  • động từ
    • nói đùa
    • đùa bỡn, giễu cợt; trêu chòng
Concise Dictionary
+a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter
+activity characterized by good humor
+a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement
+a triviality not to be taken seriously
+tell a joke; speak humorously
+act in a funny or teasing way

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 jest, witticism, quip, bon mot, laugh, wordplay, pun, story, anecdote, Colloq gag, wisecrack, one-liner, crack:
Ronnie comes up with the funniest jokes I have ever heard.
2 laughing-stock, butt, (fair) game, buffoon:
After that incident, he became the joke of the regiment.
3 farce, mockery, absurdity, travesty, caricature:
My efforts to play the piano became a joke.
4 jest, quip, pun, frolic, wisecrack, tease, taunt, banter, chaff, fool, Colloq kid, US crack wise:
They joked about our predicament. You must be joking if you think I'm going to go out with him!
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 something that you say or do to make people laugh, for example a funny story that you tell: I can't tell jokes. + She's always cracking jokes. + They often make jokes at each other's expense. + I didn't get the joke (= understand it). + I wish he wouldn't tell dirty jokes (= about sex). + I only did it as a joke (= it was not meant seriously).
2 [sing.] (informal) a person, thing or situation that is ridiculous or annoying and cannot be taken seriously: This latest pay offer is a joke.
See also - JOCULAR
Idioms: be / get beyond a joke to become annoying and no longer acceptable: His teasing is getting beyond a joke.
be no joke to be difficult or unpleasant: It's no joke trying to find a job these days.
the joke's on sb (informal) used to say that sb who tried to make another person look ridiculous now looks ridiculous instead
make a joke of sth to laugh about sth that is serious or should be taken seriously
take a joke to be able to laugh at a joke against yourself: The trouble with Paula is she can't take a joke.
+ verb
~ (with sb) (about sth)
1 to say sth to make people laugh; to tell a funny story: [V] She was laughing and joking with the children. + They often joked about all the things that could go wrong. + [V speech] 'I cooked it myself, so be careful!' he joked.
2 to say sth that is not true because you think it is funny: [V] I didn't mean that-I was only joking. + [V that] She joked that she only loved him for his money.
Idioms: joking apart / aside (BrE) used to show that you are now being serious after you have said sth funny
you're joking
you must be joking (spoken) used to show that you are very surprised at what sb has just said: No way am I doing that. You must be joking! + She's going out with Dan? You're joking!
Collocation Dictionary


funny, good | old
That's an old joke?I've heard it lots of times.
| cruel, sick | huge | dirty


crack, make, tell
He's marvellous at telling jokes.
| play
He's always playing jokes on people.
| have, share
She likes to have a joke with her employees.
| hear | get, laugh at
We all fell about laughing, but he didn't get the joke.
| take
The trouble is she can't take a joke.
| treat sth as
He treated his exams as a huge joke.


fall flat
The audience weren't very responsive and the jokes fell a bit flat.
| be on sb
I thought I'd play a trick on them, but in the end the joke was on me.


as a ~
It was only said as a joke.
| ~ about
Have you heard the joke about the elephant and the mouse?


make a joke of sth
We tried to make a joke of our situation, but it wasn't really funny.

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