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job /dʤɔb /
  • danh từ
    • việc, việc làm, công việc; việc làm thuê, việc làm khoán
      • to make a goof job of it: làm tốt một công việc gì
      • to make a bad job of it: làm hỏng một công việc gì
      • to work by the job: làm khoán
      • old jobs: công việc vặt
    • (thông tục) công ăn việc làm
      • in search of a job: đi tìm công ăn việc làm
      • out of job: thất nghiệp
      • to lose one's job: mất công ăn việc làm
    • việc làm ăn gian lận để kiếm chác
    • việc, sự việc, sự thể; tình hình công việc
      • bad job: việc hỏng toi, việc mất công toi; tình hình công việc xấu
      • good job: tình hình công việc làm ăn tốt
    • cú thúc nhẹ, cú đâm nhẹ (bằng cái gì nhọn)
    • cú ghì giật hàm thiếc (làm đau mồn ngựa)
    • job of work
      • việc làm ăn khó khăn vất vả
    • to do somebody's job; to do the job for somebody
      • làm hại ai, gây tai hại cho ai
    • to give something up as a bad job
      • từ chối không làm việc gì
    • job lot
      • lô hàng mua trữ để đầu cơ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) mớ tạp nhạp; bọn người tạp nhạp
    • to lie down on the job
      • làm đại khái, làm qua loa, làm ăn chểnh mảng
    • on the job
      • (từ lóng) đang làm, đang hoạt động
    • bận rộn
    • to put up a job on somebody
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) chơi xỏ ai một vố
  • nội động từ
    • làm những việc lặt vặt, làm những việc linh tinh; (thông tục) sửa chữa lặt vặt
    • đầu cơ
    • làm môi giới chạy hành xách
    • xoay sở kiếm chác; dở ngon gian lận để kiếm chác
    • buôn bán cổ phần (chứng khoán)
    • (job at) đâm, thúc
    • ngoại động từ
      • thuê (ngựa, xe...); cho thuê (ngựa, xe...)
      • cho làm khoán; nhận làm khoán (một công việc)
      • mua bán đầu cơ (hàng)
      • lợi dụng (chức vụ...) để xoay sở kiếm chác
      • thúc nhẹ, đâm nhẹ (bằng cái gì nhọn)
      • ghì giật hàm thiếc làm đau mồm (ngựa)
      • nội động từ
        • (+ at) đâm, thúc[dʤoub]
        • danh từ (Job)
          • (kinh thánh) Giốp
          • người chịu đựng đau khổ nhiều; người kiên nhẫn chịu đựng
          • Job's comforter
            • người làm ra bộ an ủi nhưng chỉ cốt gây thêm đau khổ
          • Job's news
            • tin buồn
          • this would try the patience of Job
            • làm thế thì không ai có thể chịu đựng được; làm thế thì đến bụt cũng phải tức
        Concise Dictionary
        jobbed|jobbing|jobsdʒɑb /dʒɒb
        +the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money
        +a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee
        +the performance of a piece of work
        +the responsibility to do something
        +a workplace; as in the expression "on the job";
        +an object worked on; a result produced by working
        +a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved
        +a damaging piece of work
        +a crime (especially a robbery)
        +a Jewish hero in the Old Testament who maintained his faith in God in spite of afflictions that tested him
        +any long-suffering person who withstands affliction without despairing
        +(computer science) a program application that may consist of several steps but is a single logical unit
        +a book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply
        +profit privately from public office and official business
        +arranged for contracted work to be done by others
        +work occasionally
        +invest at a risk

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 work, employment, position, berth, livelihood; career, occupation, calling, vocation, appointment, pursuit, field, trade, craft, profession, métier, area:
        What kind of job is she looking for? Harry has a new job.
        2 assignment, responsibility, concern, chore, task, undertaking, function, duty, role, mission, province, contribution, charge:
        It is my job to see that the machines run properly.
        3 task, undertaking, procedure, proceeding, affair, operation, project, activity, business, matter, chore:
        The job of changing the gasket will take only a few minutes.
        4 problem, difficulty, burden, nuisance, bother; toil, grind, drudgery; Colloq headache, pain (in the neck), hassle, Slang pain in the Brit arse or US ass:
        It was a real job getting them to pay for the damage.
        5 crime, felony; robbery, burglary, Slang US and Canadian caper:
        From the modus operandi, I'd say that the same gang did that job in Manchester.
        6 Often, job out. let out, assign, apportion, allot, share out, contract, hire, employ, subcontract, farm out, consign, commission:
        They undertake to do the work, but then they job it out to others.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        + noun
        paid work
        1 work for which you receive regular payment: He's trying to get a job. + She took a job as a waitress. + His brother's just lost his job. + a summer / holiday / Saturday / vacation job + a temporary / permanent job + I'm thinking of applying for a new job. + The takeover of the company is bound to mean more job losses. + Many women are in part-time jobs. + Did they offer you the job? + He certainly knows his job (= is very good at his job). + I'm only doing my job (= I'm doing what I am paid to do). + He's been out of a job (= unemployed) for six months now. + She's never had a steady job (= a job that is not going to end suddenly).
        2 a particular task or piece of work that you have to do: I've got various jobs around the house to do. + Sorting these papers out is going to be a long job. + The builder has a couple of jobs on at the moment.
        See also - BLOW JOB, NOSE JOB
        3 [usually sing.] a responsibility or duty: It's not my job to lock up!
        4 (informal) a crime, especially stealing: a bank job + He got six months for that last job he did. + an inside job (= done by sb in the organization where the crime happens)
        5 (spoken) a particular kind of thing: It's real wood-not one of those plastic jobs.
        6 an item of work which is PROCESSED by a computer as a single unit: The job can be processed overnight.
        Idioms: do the job (informal) to be effective or successful in doing what you want: This extra strong glue should do the job.
        do a good, bad, etc. job (on sth)
        make a good, bad, etc. job of sth to do sth well, badly, etc: They did a very professional job. + You've certainly made an excellent job of the kitchen (= for example, painting it). + We haven't done a very good job on the publicity for the show.
        give sb/sth up as a bad job (informal) to decide to stop trying to help sb or to do sth because there is no hope of success
        Good job! (AmE, spoken) used to tell sb that they have done well at sth
        a good job (spoken) used to say that you are pleased about a situation or that sb is lucky that sth happened: It's a good job you were there to help.
        have a (hard / difficult) job doing / to do sth to have difficulty doing sth: You'll have a job convincing them that you're right. + He had a hard job to make himself heard.
        a job of work (BrE, old-fashioned or formal) work that you are paid to do or that must be done: There was a job of work waiting for him that he was not looking forward to.
        jobs for the boys (BrE, informal, disapproving) people use the expression jobs for the boys when they are criticizing the fact that sb in power has given work to friends or relatives
        just the job (BrE) (also just the ticket AmE, BrE) (spoken, approving) exactly what is needed in a particular situation: That cup of tea was just the job.
        more than your job's worth (to do sth) (BrE, spoken) not worth doing because it is against the rules or because it might cause you to lose your job: It's more than my job's worth to let you in without a ticket.
        See also - JOBSWORTH
        on the job
        1 while doing a particular job: No sleeping on the job! + on-the-job training
        2 (BrE, slang) having sex
        more at BEST n., DEVIL, WALK v.
        jobs and employment job [C] 'What's his job?' 'He's a teacher.' + I start my new job on Monday.
        work [U] I'm going back to work tomorrow. + She is now looking for work.
        post/position [C] He resigned from his post as finance director. + She holds a high-level position.
        occupation [C] (formal or written) Please state your name, age and occupation.
        profession [C] the medical profession or [U] She's a lawyer by profession.
        trade [C] the building trade or [U] He was a carpenter by trade.
        vocation [C] She found her true vocation as a nurse.
        career [C] a distinguished career as a lawyer + a career woman.
        employment [U] a contract of employment + employment opportunities for graduates.
        - note at WORK
        Collocation Dictionary

        JOB + NOUN

        The first step in a job search is to prepare an up-to-date CV.
        | ad, advertisement | vacancy | application | interview | title
        His job title is Chief Hygiene Operative.
        | description, specifications
        Cleaning the office is not in my job description.
        | market
        There is an enormous job market for teachers at the moment.
        | cuts, losses | creation | opportunities, prospects | satisfaction
        How would you rate your job satisfaction?
        | security
        Workers questioned rated job security as being more important than high salary.
        | hunter, seeker
        Local companies are holding an open day for job seekers.
        | sharing
        The introduction of job sharing could prevent the need for redundancies.


        in a/the ~
        There's not much chance of promotion in a job like that.
        | on the ~
        You will receive training on the job.
        | out of a ~
        She found herself out of a job when her boss died.
        | ~ as
        She's got a job as a waitress.
        | ~ at
        She got a teaching job at the university.
        | ~ for
        jobs for women | ~ ina job in food retailing a job in a large firm
        | ~ with
        He moved to a better-paid job with another employer.


        a loss of jobs
        The closure of the cement factory will mean the loss of over 800 jobs.
        | the

        1 employment


        high-powered, top
        It's one of the top jobs in management.
        | decent, good, worthwhile | interesting | plum The plum jobs
        all went to friends of the prime minister.
        | cushy
        His father found him a cushy job in the office, with almost nothing to do and a whacking great salary.
        | dream,
        What would be your dream job?
        | boring, dead-end, menial, routine, undemanding
        He was forced to take a series of menial jobs.
        | challenging, demanding,
        difficult, taxing | highly-paid,
        well-paid | badly-paid, low-paid
        | full-time, part-time | 9-to-5 |
        regular, steady
        He was tempted to give up freelancing and get a regular job.
        | permanent,
        temporary | holiday, summer,
        vac/vacation | evening,
        Saturday, weekend | paid,
        unpaid | manual, non-manual |
        semi-skilled, skilled, unskilled |
        blue-collar, white-collar | deska desk job in the police housing department
        | proper
        He'd done lots of part-time work, but this was his first proper job.
        manufacturing, teaching

        VERB + JOB

        She's got a very good job with a local firm of solicitors.
        | look for | apply for,
        go for | find, get, land, take
        She got a temporary job stacking shelves. He's just landed himself a highly-paid job in the City.
        | lose
        He's frightened of losing his job.
        right person for the job
        | give up, pack in, resign from | hold down, keep
        He's always had difficulty holding down a job.
        | advertise
        I saw the job advertised on the Internet.
        | interview (sb) for
        We're interviewing for the job in the Sales Department.
        | give sb, offer sb | create, provide (sb with)
        It is hoped that the scheme will create new jobs in the region.
        | axe, cut, shed
        Management are hoping to shed 200 jobs.
        | protect, safeguard
        The deal between the union and management should safeguard 6,000 jobs.
        | do
        I'm only doing my job (= doing what I am paid to do).
        | know
        He certainly knows his job (= is very good at his job).

        JOB + VERB

        The job doesn't pay very well.
        | go
        250 jobs are to go at the local steel plant. the small number of applicants, they managed to find the right person for the job.

        2 task


        admirable, amazing, excellent, fine, first-rate, good, grand, magnificent, marvellous, professional, terrific, thorough, wonderful | difficult, hard, tough
        They gave me the tough job of telling applicants that they'd been rejected.
        | easy | important | big, long | little, small | fiddly, tedious
        fiddly little jobs like wiring plugs
        | dirty | unenviable
        Cooper had the unenviable job of announcing the redundancies.

        VERB + JOB

        do, make
        You've done a grand job with that decorating. Try wedging it open?that should do the job (= be effective/successful). She made a very good job of covering up the damage.
        | have (on)
        You'll have a hard job convincing them that you're right. The builder has a couple of jobs on at the moment.
        | give sb | take on
        She's taken on the job of organizing the Christmas party.
        | get on with
        I want to get on with the job of painting my room today.


        ~ in
        The author has done an admirable job in compiling all this material.
        | ~ of
        He made a very professional job of replacing the windows.
        | ~ on
        You've done a good job on the car.


        get a job done
        We're hoping to get the job done this weekend.
        | odd jobs
        (= small, practical jobs)I spend most Saturdays doing odd jobs around the house.

        3 crime


        bank | inside
        (= done by sb in the organization where the crime happens)

        VERB + JOB

        He got six months for that last job he did.
        | bungle
        The gang bungled the job and got caught.

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