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jet /dʤet/
  • tính từ
    • bằng huyền
    • đen nhánh, đen hạt huyền ((cũng) jet black)
    • danh từ
      • huyền
        • as black as jet: đen nhánh, đen như hạt huyền
      • màu đen nhánh, màu đen như hạt huyền
      • danh từ
        • tia (nước, máu, hơi...)
        • vòi (ống nước...)
        • (kỹ thuật) vòi phun, giclơ
        • (thông tục) máy bay phản lực
        • động từ
          • phun ra thành tia; làm bắn tia
        Concise Dictionary
        +an airplane powered by one or more jet engines
        +the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)
        +a hard black form of lignite that takes a brilliant polish and is used in jewellery or ornamentation
        +street names for ketamine
        +an artificially produced flow of water
        +issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth
        +fly a jet plane
        +of the blackest black; similar to the color of jet or coal
        Advanced English Dictionary
        noun, verb
        + noun
        1 [C] a plane driven by JET ENGINES: a jet aircraft / fighter / airliner + The accident happened as the jet was about to take off.
        See also - JUMBO (JET)
        2 [C] a strong narrow stream of gas, liquid, steam or flame that comes very quickly out of a small opening. The opening is also called a jet: The pipe burst and jets of water shot across the room. + to clean the gas jets on the cooker
        3 [U] a hard black mineral that can be polished and is used in jewellery: jet beads
        + verb (-tt-) [V +adv./prep.] (informal) to fly somewhere in a plane: They have just jetted off for a honeymoon in New York.
        Collocation Dictionary

        1 plane with a jet engine


        jumbo | supersonic | commercial, passenger | private | business, corporate, executive | holiday | cargo | air force, fighter, military | low-flying

        VERB + JET

        fly, pilot

        JET + VERB

        fly | take off | land | crash, explode

        JET + NOUN

        aircraft, airliner, bomber, fighter, plane | engine | fuel | pilot


        by ~
        Australia was a mere couple of hours away by jet. She was flown by private jet to the capital Lusaka.
        | in a/the ~
        He flew to Majorca in his private jet.

        2 stream of gas, water, etc.


        little | air, gas, water


        ~ of
        Little jets of steam spurted from the engine.

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