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ivory /'aivəri/
  • danh từ
    • ngà (voi...)
    • màu ngà
    • (số nhiều) đồ bằng ngà
    • (từ lóng) (cũng) số nhiều, răng
    • (số nhiều) (từ lóng) phím đàn pianô; con súc sắc, quả bi-a
    • black ivory
      • (sử học) những người nô lệ da đen
  • tính từ
    • bằng ngà
    • màu ngà
Concise Dictionary
+a hard smooth ivory colored dentine that makes up most of the tusks of elephants and walruses
+a shade of white the color of bleached bones

Advanced English Dictionary
(plural ivories)
+ noun
1 [U] a hard yellowish-white substance like bone that forms the TUSKS (= long teeth) of elephants and some other animals: a ban on the ivory trade + an ivory chess set
2 [C] an object made of ivory: a priceless collection of ivories + He had a good set of ivories (= teeth). + Of an evening she would entertain them by tinkling the ivories (= playing the piano).
3 [U] a yellowish-white colour
Collocation Dictionary


solid | carved | poached


be made from/(out) of, carve sth from/in
a figure delicately carved in ivory
| be inlaid with
a table made of polished wood, inlaid with ivory




in ~
a statuette in ivory and gold


the trade in ivory

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