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issue /'isju:/
  • danh từ
    • sự phát ra; sự phát hành; sự đưa ra
    • số báo (in ra); số lượng cho ra (tem...)
      • the latest issue of a weekly: số mới nhất của một tờ báo hàng tuần
    • vấn đề (đang tranh câi, đang kiện cáo...); vấn đề chín muồi (có thể quyết định)
      • at issue: đang tranh câi (vấn đề); không đồng ý với nhau (người)
    • kết quả, hậu quả, sản phẩm
    • (quân sự) số lượng (thức ăn, quần áo, súng đạn...) phát một lần (cho một người lính, cho một đơn vị...)
    • lần in (sách...)
    • dòng dõi, con cái
      • to die without issue: chết tuyệt giống
    • sự đi ra, sự chảy ra, sự bốc ra, sự thoát ra; lòi ra, lối thoát; cửa sông; cái chảy ra, cái thoát ra
    • (y học) sự chảy máu, sự chảy mủ; vết rạch cho chảy mủ
    • (pháp lý) lợi tức, thu hoạch (đất đai...)
    • to join issue with somebody on some point
      • tiến hành tranh luận với ai về một điểm gì; không đồng ý với ai về một điểm gì
    • to take issue with somebody
      • không đồng ý với ai; tranh cãi với ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • đưa ra; phát hành, lưu hành, in ra
    • (quân sự) phát (quần áo, đạn dược...)
    • phát ra, để chảy ra
    • nội động từ
      • đi ra, chảy ra, bóc ra, thoát ra
      • được đưa ra; được phát hành, được lưu hành, được in ra
      • xuất phát, bắt nguồn; là kết quả, là hậu quả
      • là dòng dõi; là lợi tức, là thu hoạch (của đất đai...)
    Concise Dictionary
    +an important question that is in dispute and must be settled
    +one of a series published periodically
    +the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity)
    +some situation or event that is thought about
    +supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government
    +the immediate descendants of a person
    +a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
    +the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property
    +the becoming visible
    +an opening that permits escape or release
    +the act of issuing printed materials
    +prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
    +circulate or distribute or equip with
    +bring out an official document (such as a warrant)
    +come out of
    +make out and issue

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 outflow, outgoing, exit, egress, issuance, emanation, efflux, debouchment, emergence, outlet:
    The river's colour changed abruptly at its point of issue into the sea
    2 outcome, conclusion, consequence, culmination, result, end, effect, consummation, event, climax, Colloq pay-off:
    Whatever the issue, it has been a brave effort.
    3 point, topic, subject, matter, affair, problem, question:
    That is an issue you should take up with the mayor.
    4 Usually, major issue. (major or big) problem or difficulty, controversy, fight, dispute, cause célèbre:
    He turns even walking the dog into a major issue.
    5 printing, edition, version; copy, number:
    I have a copy of the Sunday issue. See if you can buy an issue of today's paper.
    6 publication, promulgation, issuance, issuing, distribution, delivery, dissemination, broadcasting, proclamation, circulation:
    There will be a special issue of stamps to commemorate his death.
    7 offspring, child or children, descendant(s), progeny, young, scion(s), son(s), daughter(s):
    According to the records, your uncle died without issue, making you his sole heir
    8 at issue. in contention, in dispute, unresolved, unsettled, uncertain, up in the air, to be decided:
    The point at issue is which system will be the most efficient.
    9 take issue. disagree, argue, contend, dispute, oppose, take exception:
    I feel that I must take issue with your conclusion.
    10 proclaim, promulgate, declare, publish, put out, put or set forth, announce, circulate, distribute, get out, release, deliver, broadcast, disseminate, get out:
    The kidnappers have issued an ultimatum.
    11 emerge, come or go forth, exit, emanate, discharge, stream, flow, pour; appear, originate, spring, stem, arise:
    The play ended, and people issued from the theatre. Where Pegasus stamped his foot the Pierian spring issued forth.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    topic of discussion
    1 [C] an important topic that people are discussing or arguing about: a key / sensitive / controversial issue + This is a big issue; we need more time to think about it. + She usually writes about environmental issues. + The union plans to raise the issue of overtime. + The party was divided on this issue. + You're just avoiding the issue. + Don't confuse the issue.
    problem / worry
    2 [C] (informal) a problem or worry that sb has with sth: Money is not an issue. + I don't think my private life is the issue here. + I'm not bothered about the cost-you're the one who's making an issue of it. + Because I grew up in a dysfunctional family, anger is a big issue for me. + (AmE) She's always on a diet-she has issues about food.
    magazine / newspaper
    3 [C] one of a regular series of magazines or newspapers: the July issue of 'What Car?' + The article appeared in issue 25.
    of stamps / coins / shares
    4 [C] a number or set of things that are supplied and made available at the same time: The company is planning a new share issue. + a special issue of stamps
    making available / known
    5 [U] the act of supplying or making available things for people to buy or use: I bought a set of the new stamps on the date of issue. + the issue of blankets to the refugees + the issue of a joint statement by the French and German foreign ministers
    6 [U] (law) children of your own: He died without issue.
    Idioms: be at issue to be the most important part of the subject that is being discussed: What is at issue is whether she was responsible for her actions.
    take issue with sb (about / on / over sth) (formal) to start disagreeing or arguing with sb about sth: I must take issue with you on that point.
    more at FORCE v.
    + verb [VN]
    make known
    1 ~ sth (to sb) to make sth known formally: They issued a joint statement denying the charges. + The police have issued an appeal for witnesses.
    2 [often passive] ~ sth (to sb)
    ~ sb with sth to give sth to sb, especially officially: to issue passports / visas / tickets + New members will be issued with a temporary identity card. + Work permits were issued to only 5% of those who applied for them.
    3 to start a legal process against sb, especially by means of an official document: to issue a writ against sb + A warrant has been issued for his arrest.
    4 to produce sth such as a magazine, article, etc: We issue a monthly newsletter.
    stamps / coins / shares
    5 to produce new stamps, coins, shares, etc. for sale to the public: The Royal Mail issued a special set of stamps to mark the occasion.
    Phrasal Verbs: issue from sth (formal) to come out of sth: A weak trembling sound issued from his lips.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 problem


    big, burning, central, critical, crucial, important, key, main, major, vital
    Europe remains the burning issue within the party.
    | wider
    The problem raises wider issues of gender and identity.
    | minor, side | basic, fundamental | real
    The real issue is where the power lies.
    | contentious, controversial, difficult, thorny
    the controversial issue of censorship
    | complex | live, unresolved
    The strike of ten years ago is still very much a live issue in the town.
    | domestic, global, international, local, national, regional | commercial, constitutional, economic, educational, environmental, ethical, health, moral, policy, political, social, technical, theoretical


    number, range, series


    raise | debate, discuss
    This evening we're debating the issue of the legalization of soft drugs.
    | decide, settle
    A referendum was held to settle the issue.
    | address, consider, deal with, examine, explore, look at, tackle | clarify | focus on
    We really need to focus on this one issue and not get sidetracked.
    | touch on
    The issue of birth control was touched on, but we need to examine it in more detail.
    | highlight
    The report highlights three issues.
    | confuse
    This argument should not be allowed to confuse the issue.
    | avoid, evade


    issues arising from the survey
    | underlie sth
    A more important issue underlies this debate.


    at ~
    What you say is interesting, but it does not affect the point at issue here.
    | on an/the ~
    She spoke on the issue of private health care.
    | ~ about
    fundamental issues about working conditions
    | ~ concerning
    issues concerning the environment
    | ~ relating to
    The conference examined key issues relating to the reform.

    2 one in a series of publications


    current | back | special
    a special issue of stamps


    bring out, publish


    come out, go on sale | be out


    in an/the ~
    an article in the current issue of ‘Newsweek’



    the bank which formally issues and handles these credit cards
    | directly
    The safest cheques are those issued directly by the bank?known as bankers' draughts.
    | jointly
    a document issued jointly by the Treasury and the Home Office
    | immediately, promptly
    He left the company and promptly issued a writ claiming $45 million in damages.


    (formal) Arrest warrants were issued against 16 of the protesters.
    | on behalf of
    a statement issued on behalf of the UN Secretary-General
    | to
    The new guidelines have been issued to all doctors.
    | with
    Some of the police were issued with rifles.


    newly issued
    newly issued banknotes

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