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involve /in'vɔlv/
  • ngoại động từ
    • gồm, bao hàm
    • làm cho mắc míu (vào chuyện gì); làm liên luỵ, làm dính líu, làm dính dáng
    • ((thường) dạng bị động) thu hút tâm trí của; để hết tâm trí vào (cái gì)
      • he was involved in working out a solution to the problem: anh ấy để hết tâm trí tìm cách giải quyết vấn đề
    • đòi hỏi phải, cần phải, kéo theo
      • expansion is business involves expenditure: sự mở rộng việc kinh doanh đòi hỏi phải chi tiêu
    • cuộn vào, quấn lại
Concise Dictionary
involves|involved|involvingɪn'vɑlv /-'vɒlv
+connect closely and often incriminatingly
+engage as a participant
+have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail
+require as useful, just, or proper
+contain as a part
+occupy or engage the interest of
+make complex or intricate or complicated

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 include, contain, comprise, cover, embrace, incorporate, encompass, take in, subsume, embody, comprehend, number among, count in:
The survey involved many people from all walks of life.
2 imply, entail, suggest, mean, betoken, require, necessitate, presuppose:
Enrolling for a course involves doing homework as well as attending classes
3 Often, involve in or with. implicate, concern, affect, touch, entangle, draw in; incriminate, inculpate; associate with, connect with, catch (up) in:
I didn't know that Annette was involved. Are you involved in that murder investigation?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 if a situation, an event or an activity involves sth, that thing is an important or necessary part or result of it
Synonym: ENTAIL
[VN] Any investment involves an element of risk. + Many of the crimes involved drugs. + [V -ing] The test will involve answering questions about a photograph. + [VN -ing] The job involves me travelling all over the country. + (formal) The job involves my travelling all over the country.
2 [VN] if a situation, an event or an activity involves sb, they take part in it or are affected by it: There was a serious incident involving a group of youths. + How many vehicles were involved in the crash?
3 [VN] ~ sb (in sth / in doing sth) to make sb take part in sth: We want to involve as many people as possible in the celebrations. + Parents should involve themselves in their child's education.
4 [VN] ~ sb (in sth) to say or do sth to show that sb took part in sth, especially a crime
His confession involved a number of other politicians in the affair.
Phrasal Verbs: involve sb in sth to make sb experience sth, especially sth unpleasant: You have involved me in a great deal of extra work.
Collocation Dictionary

1 make sth necessary


ordinarily, typically, usually
Inventions typically involve minor improvements in technology.
| inevitably, necessarily
The reforms will inevitably involve a lot of new paperwork for teachers.

2 include sb


actively, directly
methods that actively involve students in learning


I didn't mean to involve you in all this.

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