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invisible /in'vizəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể trông thấy được, tính vô hình
    • không thể gặp được (ở một lúc nào đó)
    • danh từ
      • vật không nhìn thấy được, vật vô hình; người không nhìn thấy được, người vô hình
      • (the invisible) thế giới vô hình
    Concise Dictionary
    +impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye
    +not prominent or readily noticeable

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 unseeable, imperceptible, undetectable, imperceivable; unseen:
    The air we breathe is invisible.
    2 concealed, hidden, disguised, camouflaged, masked, covered, unperceived, veiled, indiscernible:
    Once the part has been painted, the damage will be invisible.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + adjective
    1 ~ (to sb/sth) that cannot be seen: stars invisible to the naked eye + a wizard who could make himself invisible + She felt invisible in the crowd.
    Antonym: VISIBLE
    2 (economics) connected with a service that a country provides, such as BANKING or TOURISM, rather than goods: invisible earnings / exports
    invisibility noun [U]: The ink had faded to invisibility.
    invisibly adverb: He moved away invisibly into the background.
    Collocation Dictionary


    be | become | remain | make sb/sth, render sb/sth
    He wished that he could make himself invisible. It's interesting how women are rendered invisible in these statistics.


    altogether, completely, totally | almost, nearly, practically, virtually | largely | effectively


    Infrared light is invisible to the human eye.

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