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investigate /in'vestigeit/
  • động từ
    • điều tra nghiên cứu
Concise Dictionary
+investigate scientifically
+conduct an inquiry or investigation of

Thesaurus Dictionary
enquire or inquire into, examine, study, consider, explore, probe, look into, research, scrutinize, analyse, sift (through), winnow:
The laboratory is investigating the nature of the strange phenomenon.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to carefully examine the facts of a situation, an event, a crime, etc. to find out the truth about it or how it happened: [V] The FBI has been called in to investigate. + (informal) 'What was that noise?' 'I'll go and investigate.' + [VN] Police are investigating possible links between the murders. [also V wh-]
2 [VN] ~ sb (for sth) to try to find out information about sb's character, activities, etc: This is not the first time he has been investigated by the police for fraud.
3 to find out information and facts about a subject or problem by study or research: [VN] Scientists are investigating the effects of diet on fighting cancer. + [V wh-] The research investigates how foreign speakers gain fluency. [also V]
Collocation Dictionary


carefully, closely | extensively | fully, properly, thoroughly
The allegations have not yet been properly investigated.
| further | actively


ask sb to, be called in to
Police have been called in to investigate the complaints.
| agree to, pledge to, promise to
The company has pledged to investigate claims that its products are unsafe.
| aim to, be designed to, seek to

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