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introduction /,intrə'dʌkʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự giới thiệu, lời giới thiệu
    • sự đưa vào (phong tục, cây lạ...)
    • sự đưa (đạo luật dự thảo) ra nghị viện
    • sự bước đầu làm quen cho, sự khai tâm, sự vỡ lòng
    • lời mở đầu; lời tựa; đoạn mở đầu
    • (âm nhạc) khúc mở đầu; nhạc mở đầu
Concise Dictionary
+the first section of a communication
+the act of beginning something new
+formally making a person known to another or to the public
+a basic or elementary instructional text
+a new proposal
+the act of putting one thing into another
+the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
bringing into use / to a place
1 [U] the act of bringing sth into use or existence for the first time, or of bringing sth to a place for the first time: the introduction of new manufacturing methods + the introduction of compulsory military service + the 1 000th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity to Russia
2 [C] a thing that is brought into use or introduced to a place for the first time: The book lists plants suitable for the British flower garden, among them many new introductions.
of people
3 [C] ~ (to sb) the act of making one person formally known to another, in which you tell each the other's name: Introductions were made and the conversation started to flow. + Our speaker today needs no introduction (= is already well known). + a letter of introduction (= a letter which tells sb who you are, written by sb who knows both you and the person reading the letter)
first experience
4 [sing.] ~ (to sth) a person's first experience of sth: This album was my first introduction to modern jazz.
of book / speech
5 [C, U] ~ (to sth) the first part of a book or speech that gives a general idea of what is to follow: a brief / general introduction + a book with an excellent introduction and notes + By way of introduction, let me give you the background to the story.
Compare: PREFACE
to subject
6 [C] ~ (to sth) a book or course for people beginning to study a subject: 'An Introduction to Astronomy' + It's a useful introduction to an extremely complex subject.
in music
7 [C] (music) a short section at the beginning of a piece of music: an eight-bar introduction
Collocation Dictionary

1 first use


early, gradual, recent, widespread


~ into
the gradual introduction of modern farming methods into traditional societies

2 first part of a book/talk


brief, short
He began with a brief introduction.


in an/the ~
His mother is mentioned in the introduction.
| ~ to
the introduction to her latest book

3 book for studying a subject


excellent, general, useful
It serves as an excellent introduction to 19th-century painting.


~ to

4 telling people each other's names




I can never remember names, so I don't like to make the introductions.


a letter of introduction
He gave me a letter of introduction to the manager.

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