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introduce /,intrə'dju:s/
  • ngoại động từ
    • giới thiệu
      • to introduce someone to someone: giới thiệu ai với ai
      • ddưa vào (phong tục, cây lạ...): đưa (đạo luật dự thảo) ra nghị viện
    • bước đầu làm quen cho, khai tâm cho, vỡ lòng cho
    • mở đầu
      • to introduce a lecture with ab anecdote: mở đầu cuộc nói chuyện bằng một mẩu giai thoại
Concise Dictionary
introduces|introduced|introducing‚ɪntrə'duːs /-'djuːs
+cause to come to know personally
+bring something new to an environment
+bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment
+bring in or establish in a new place or environment
+put or introduce into something
+bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc.
+put before (a body)
+furnish with a preface or introduction
+be a precursor of

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 acquaint, present, make known:
Sandy introduced Gerald and Daphne to each other.
2 bring in or up, advance, present, broach, put or set forth, put forward, suggest, offer, propose, mention:
It was she who introduced the issue of bacteria in canned goods.
3 announce, present:
Please introduce the next speaker.
4 start, begin, originate, launch, establish, set up, pioneer, initiate, usher in, institute, bring out or in, set up, organize:
When was paper money first introduced?
5 insert, add, interpose, inject, put in, inject, interpolate:
Why introduce irrelevant matters into the discussion?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 ~ A (to B)
~ A and B
~ yourself (to sb) to tell two or more people who have not met before what each others' names are; to tell sb what your name is: Can I introduce my wife? + He introduced me to a Greek girl at the party. + We've already been introduced. + She was introduced to me as a well-known novelist. + Can I introduce myself? I'm Helen Robins. + 'Kay, this is Steve.' 'Yes, I know-we've already introduced ourselves.'
tv / radio show
2 to be the main speaker in a television or radio show, who gives details about the show and who presents the people who are in it; to tell the audience the name of the person who is going to speak or perform: The next programme will be introduced by Mary David. + May I introduce my first guest on the show tonight ...
new experience
3 ~ sb to sth
~ sth (to sb) to make sb learn about sth or do sth for the first time: The first lecture introduces students to the main topics of the course. + It was she who first introduced the pleasures of sailing to me. + He was first introduced to drugs by his elder brother.
new product / law
4 ~ sth (into / to sth) to make sth available for use, discussion, etc. for the first time
Synonym: BRING IN
The company is introducing a new range of products this year. + The new law was introduced in 1991. + We want to introduce the latest technology into schools.
plant / animal / disease
5 ~ sth (to / into sth) to bring a plant, an animal or a disease to a place for the first time: Vegetation patterns changed when goats were introduced to the island.
6 to be the start of sth new: Bands like 'James' introduced the craze for indie music. + A slow theme introduces the first movement.
in parliament
7 to formally present a new law so that it can be discussed: to introduce a bill (before Parliament)
8 ~ sth (into sth) (formal) to put sth into sth: Particles of glass had been introduced into the baby food.
Collocation Dictionary

1 tell people sb's name


formally, properly
We have met before, but we haven't been formally introduced.


allow me to, can, let me, may
Let me introduce myself. May I introduce my wife, Sarah?


He introduced me as a new member of the company.
| to
She introduced me to her neighbours.

2 start using/doing sth for the first time


gradually | rapidly


intend to, plan to, want to
The local council plans to introduce new regulations on parking.
| attempt to, try to
She attempted in vain to introduce some order into the classroom.


New technology is rapidly being introduced into factories.


newly/recently introduced
These measures have only been recently introduced.

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