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interweave /,intə'wi:və/
  • động từ interwove; interwoven
    • dệt lẫn với nhau
      • to interweave a nylon warp with a cotton weft: dệt lẫn đường chỉ dọc bằng sợi ny lông với đường khổ bằng sợi bông
    • trộn lẫn với nhau; xen lẫn
      • to interweave facts with fiction: xen lẫn sự thật với hư cấu
Concise Dictionary
+interlace by or as it by weaving
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(interwove ) [usually passive] to weave together two or more pieces of thread, wool, etc: [VN] The blue fabric was interwoven with red and gold thread. + (figurative) The problems are inextricably interwoven (= very closely connected). [also V]

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