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interval /'intəvəl/
  • danh từ
    • khoảng (thời gian, không gian), khoảng cách
    • lúc nghỉ, lúc ngớt, lúc ngừng
    • (quân sự) khoảng cách, cự ly
    • (âm nhạc) quãng
    • (toán học) khoảng
Concise Dictionary
+a definite length of time marked off by two instants
+a set containing all points (or all real numbers) between two given endpoints
+the distance between things
+the difference in pitch between two notes

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 intermission, interlude, entr'acte, break, pause; recess, rest (period), period, time, wait, spell, delay, lapse:
The play was so bad we left in the interval. After a brief interval, the lights came on again
2 meanwhile, meantime, interim:
He returned later but found that in the interval she had changed her mind
3 gap, opening, space, hole, void, lacuna, distance, interstice, Architecture intercolumniation:
The interval between the columns is exactly three metres.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a period of time between two events: The interval between major earthquakes might be 200 years. + He knocked on the door and after a brief interval it was opened.
2 (BrE) (also intermission AmE, BrE) a short period of time separating parts of a play, film/movie or concert: There will be an interval of 20 minutes after the second act. - BREAK
3 [usually pl.] a short period during which sth different happens from what is happening the rest of the time: She's delirious, but has lucid intervals. + (BrE) The day should be mainly dry with sunny intervals.
4 (music) a difference in PITCH (= how high or low a note sounds) between two notes: an interval of one octave
Idioms: at ( ...) intervals
1 with time between: Buses to the city leave at regular intervals. + The runners started at 5-minute intervals.
2 with spaces between: Flaming torches were positioned at intervals along the terrace.
Collocation Dictionary


brief, short
She ruled for ten years, except for a brief interval.
| long, wide
You are advised to leave a wide interval before you have your next child.
| decent


at ~s
At intervals a bell rings and workers stop for a drink.
| ~ between
The intervals between his various illnesses grew shorter and shorter.


at fixed/frequent/periodic/regular intervals
Trains run at fixed intervals. He returned home during the day at regular intervals.
| at hourly/weekly/fortnightly/monthly, etc. intervals
Meetings are held at monthly intervals.

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