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internal /in'tə:nl/
  • tính từ
    • ở trong, nội bộ
    • trong nước
    • (thuộc) nội tâm, (thuộc) tâm hồn, từ trong thâm tâm; chủ quan
    • (thuộc) bản chất; nội tại
      • internal evidence: chứng cớ nội tại
    • (y học) dùng trong (thuốc)
Concise Dictionary
internalsɪn'tɜrnl /-'tɜːnl
+happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface
+occurring within an institution or community
+inside the country
+located inward
+innermost or essential

Thesaurus Dictionary
See interior, 1, 2, 3.
supranational, global, worldwide, universal, intercontinental, cosmopolitan, ecumenic(al) or oecumenic(al); foreign:
An international conference is being held on disarmament. My father is engaged in international trade.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] connected with the inside of sth: the internal structure of a building + internal doors / fittings
2 [only before noun] connected with the inside of your body: internal organs / injuries + The medicine is not for internal use.
3 [usually before noun] involving or concerning only the people who are part of a particular organization rather than people from outside it: an internal audit / inquiry + the internal workings of government + internal divisions within the company
4 [only before noun] connected with a country's own affairs rather than those that involve other countries
internal affairs / trade / markets + an internal flight (= within a country)
5 coming from within a thing itself rather than from outside it: a theory which lacks internal consistency (= whose parts are not consistent) + Some photos contain internal evidence (= fashions, transport, etc.) that may help to date them.
6 happening or existing in your mind
Synonym: INNER
internal rage
internally adverb: internally connected rooms + The new posts were only advertised internally.

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