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intermarry /,intə'mæri/
  • nội động từ
    • có người lấy nhau, thông gia với nhau (hai dân tộc, hai bộ lạc, hai gia đình...)
    • lấy nhau trong họ gần
    • lấy người cùng nhóm
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (intermarries, intermarrying, intermarried, intermarried) [V]
1 to marry sb of a different race or from a different country or a different religious group: Blacks and whites often intermarried (= married each other). + They were not forbidden to intermarry with the local people.
2 to marry sb within your own family or group: cousins who intermarry
intermarriage noun [U, C]: intermarriage between blacks and whites

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