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interior /in'tiəriə/
  • tính từ
    • ở trong, ở phía trong
    • nằm xa trong đất liền, ở nội địa
    • nội, nội bộ, trong nước
    • nội tâm, riêng tư
      • the interior life: cuộc sống nội tâm
  • danh từ
    • phần trong, phía trong (phòng, nhà...)
    • đất liền nằm sâu vào trong (một nước...), nội địa
    • công việc trong nước, nội vụ
      • Ministry of the Interior: Bộ nội vụ
    • tâm hồn, nội tâm
Concise Dictionary
interiorsɪn'tɪrɪə(r) /-'tɪər-
+the region that is inside of something
+the inner or enclosed surface of something
+the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources; created in 1849
+situated within or suitable for inside a building
+inside the country
+located inward
+inside and toward a center
+of or coming from the middle of a region or country

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inside, internal, inner, inward:
The interior surfaces are to be painted white.
2 internal, domestic, civil, national, local, home:
We will not accept the interference of foreign governments in our interior affairs
3 inner, private, intimate, personal, individual, secret, hidden, veiled:
Some of Hamlet's great speeches are in the form of interior monologues, or soliloquies
4 upland, inland, up-country, land-locked:
The most beautiful scenery is in the interior part of the country, away from the marshy coast.
5 inside:
The interior is coated with Teflon.
6 heart, centre, middle, core, depths:
This is the story of a journey to the interior of the earth.
7 uplands, up-country, heartland, hinterland:
The interior is covered with rocks and scrub pine.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, adjective
+ noun
1 [C, usually sing.] the inside part of sth: the interior of a building / a car
2 (the interior) [sing.] the central part of a country or continent that is a long way from the coast: an expedition into the interior of Australia
3 (the Interior) [sing.] a country's own affairs rather than those that involve other countries: the Department / Minister of the Interior
+ adjective [only before noun] connected with the inside part of sth: interior walls / doors
Collocation Dictionary


The original interior of the hotel has been replaced.
| dark, dim, gloomy, shadowy | spacious


decorator, designer


in the ~
There is ample space in the interior of the car.

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