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interact /,intər'ækt/
  • động từ
    • ảnh hưởng lẫn nhau, tác động qua lại
Concise Dictionary
+act together or towards others or with others
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [V] ~ (with sb)
1 to communicate with sb, especially while you work, play or spend time with them: Teachers have a limited amount of time to interact with each child. + The only thing he interacts with is his computer!
2 if one thing interacts with another, or if two things interact, the two things have an effect on each other: Perfume interacts with the skin's natural chemicals.
interaction sth): the interaction between performers and their audience + the interaction of bacteria with the body's natural chemistry
Collocation Dictionary

1 have an effect on each other


closely | directly


This hormone interacts closely with other hormones in the body.

2 mix with other people


well | socially


He interacts very well with other children.

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