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installation /,instə'leiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự đặt (hệ thống máy móc, hệ thống sưởi...); sự đặt (ai) vào (nơi nào, tình trạng nào...)
    • lễ nhậm chức
    • máy móc đặt, hệ thống máy đặt, hệ thống điện đặt
    • ((thường) số nhiều) cơ sở, đồn bốt, căn cứ
Concise Dictionary
+the act of installing something (as equipment)
+a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
+a formal entry into an organization or position or office

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 investiture, instatement, initiation, establishment, inauguration, induction, institution, placement, introduction, solemnization, swearing-in, consecration, Ecclesiastical ordination; crowning, coronation:
Will you attend the installation of the new vice-chancellor?
2 fitting, placement, connection, positioning:
The plumber will supervise the installation of the new heating system
3 base, post, station, depot, camp, establishment:
Military installations all over the country are being picketed.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, C] the act of fixing equipment or furniture in position so that it can be used: installation costs + Installation of the new system will take several days.
2 [C] a piece of equipment or machinery that has been fixed in position so that it can be used: a heating installation
3 [C] a place where specialist equipment is kept and used: a military / nuclear installation
4 [U] the act of placing sb in a new position of authority, often with a ceremony: the installation of the new vice-chancellor
5 [C] (art) a piece of modern SCULPTURE that is made using sound, light, etc. as well as objects

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