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inroad /'inroud/
  • danh từ
    • sự xâm nhập
    • cuộc đột nhập
Concise Dictionary
+an encroachment or intrusion
+an invasion or hostile attack

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 incursion, raid, attack, invasion, penetration, foray, encroachment, forced entry, intrusion:
Our armoured units have made an inroad into enemy territory.
2 Often, inroads. advance(s), progress, breakthrough:
Have researchers made significant inroads into the problem of AIDS?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
~ (into sth) something that is achieved, especially by reducing the power or success of sth else: This deal is their first major inroad into the American market.
Idioms: make inroads into / on sth if one thing makes inroads into another, it has a noticeable effect on the second thing, especially by reducing it, or influencing it: Tax rises have made some inroads into the country's national debt. + By the 1950s, television had made great inroads into the territory of the news magazines.

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