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inquire /in'kwaiə/ (enquire) /in'kwaiə/
  • nội động từ
    • ((thường) + into) điều tra, thẩm tra
      • to inquire into something: điều tra việc gì
    • (+ after, for) hỏi thăm, hỏi han
      • to inquire after somebody: hỏi thăm ai
    • (+ for) hỏi mua; hỏi xin
    • ngoại động từ
      • hỏi
        • to inquire the way: hỏi đường
    Concise Dictionary
    +inquire about
    +have a wish or desire to know something
    +conduct an inquiry or investigation of

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 Usually, inquire into. search, investigate, probe, examine, research, look into, inspect, study, explore, survey, scrutinize:
    Scientists are inquiring into the causes of the greenhouse effect.
    2 See enquire.
    1 enquiry, investigation, probe, examination, research, search, inspection, study, exploration, survey, scrutiny, inquest; questioning, querying, interrogation, inquest, cross-examination, inquisition:
    The police have asked me to help them with their inquiry. They are conducting an inquiry into the cause of the accident
    2 enquiry, question, query, interrogation:
    Would you please repeat the inquiry?
    Advanced English Dictionary
    inquirer, inquiring, inquiry
    (especially AmE) = ENQUIRE, ENQUIRER, ENQUIRING, ENQUIRY(also inquire especially in AmE) + verb
    ~ (about sb/sth) (rather formal) to ask sb for some information: [V] I called the station to enquire about train times. + She enquired as to your whereabouts. + [V wh-] Might I enquire why you have not mentioned this until now? + [VN] He enquired her name. [also V speech]
    Phrasal Verbs: enquire after sb (formal) to ask for information about sb, especially about their health or about what they are doing
    enquire into sth to find out more information about sth
    Synonym: INVESTIGATE
    A committee was appointed to enquire into the allegations.
    enquire sth of sb (formal) to ask sb sth: [+ speech] 'Will you be staying for lunch?' she enquired of Charles.

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