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innocent /'inəsnt/
  • tính từ
    • vô tội; không có tội
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) còn trong trắng; còn trinh
    • ngây thơ
    • không có hại, không hại
    • windows innocent of glass
      • (thông tục) cửa sổ không có kính
  • danh từ
    • người vô tội; người không có tội
    • đứa bé ngây thơ
    • thằng ngốc, thằng bé ngớ ngẩn
    • massacre (slaughter) of innocents
      • (từ lóng) sự bỏ qua của một số dự luật vì hết ngày giờ (ở cuối khoá họp nghị viện)
Concise Dictionary
+a person who lacks knowledge of evil
+free from evil or guilt
+lacking intent or capacity to injure
+free from sin
+lacking in sophistication or worldliness
+not knowledgeable about something specified
+completely wanting or lacking
+(used of things) lacking sense or awareness

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 not guilty, guiltless, blameless, honest, (in the) clear, unimpeachable, above suspicion, above reproach, faultless:
We all believe her innocent of extortion.
2 pure, sinless, virtuous, chaste, virgin(al), undefiled, untainted, unstained, unsullied, pristine, incorrupt, uncorrupted, immaculate, spotless, unblemished, unpolluted:
She is still a sweet child, innocent as the day she was born.
3 harmless, well-intentioned, safe, innocuous, inoffensive, unobjectionable:
What began as an innocent stroll became a dangerous expedition.
4 naïve, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unsuspecting, ingenuous, unsophisticated, trusting, trustful, gullible, credulous, green, inexperienced, childlike, unworldly, guileless, artless, simple, open, unartificial, sincere:
Youngsters would arrive in London directly from the farm, entirely innocent and unaware of the perils of city life.
5 infant, babe (in arms or in the wood(s)), child; ingénue, novice, beginner, newcomer, Colloq greenhorn:
She's certainly no innocent when it comes to men.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 ~ (of sth) not guilty of a crime, etc.; not having done sth wrong: They have imprisoned an innocent man. + She was found innocent of any crime. + He was the innocent party (= person) in the breakdown of the marriage. + There must be an innocent explanation for her behaviour.
Antonym: GUILTY
2 [only before noun] suffering harm or being killed because of a crime, war, etc. although not directly involved in it: an innocent bystander + innocent victims of a bomb blast + Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in this conflict.
3 not intended to cause harm or upset sb
It was all innocent fun. + It was a perfectly innocent remark.
4 having little experience of the world, especially of sexual matters, or of evil or unpleasant things: an innocent young child
innocently adverb: 'Oh, Sue went too, did she?' I asked innocently (= pretending I did not know that this was important).
+ noun
an innocent person, especially a young child
Collocation Dictionary

1 not guilty


be, plead
He pleaded innocent to the charges.
| believe sb, presume sb
I had always believed her innocent. The accused person should always be presumed innocent until proved guilty.
| declare sb, find sb, prove sb
The court found her innocent of the crime.


completely, entirely, totally, wholly


I am totally innocent of this crime.

2 not intended/intending to cause harm


be, look, play, seem, sound
Stop playing innocent and answer my questions, please.


very | all, altogether, perfectly
She tried to sound all innocent as she asked the question. The circumstance could be altogether innocent, but suspicions have been raised.
| relatively | apparently, seemingly

3 with no experience of the world


be, seem
She was sixteen and sweetly innocent.


remarkably, very | sweetly | strangely
the strangely innocent world of her childhood
| sexually

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