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injury /'indʤəri/
  • danh từ
    • sự làm hại, sự làm tổn hại, sự làm hỏng
    • điều hại, điều tổn hại; chỗ hỏng; chỗ bị thương
    • (pháp lý) sự xúc phạm, sự vi phạm quyền lợi; sự đối xử bất công
Concise Dictionary
+any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
+an accident that results in physical damage or hurt
+a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat
+an act that injures someone

Thesaurus Dictionary
damage, hurt, harm, wound, impairment; wrong, abuse, maltreatment, mistreatment, mischief, offence, outrage; mayhem:
The injury was less painful to his foot than to his self-esteem.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 [C, U] harm done to a person's or an animal's body, for example in an accident: serious injury / injuries + minor injuries + to sustain injuries / an injury + to escape injury + The passengers escaped with only minor injuries. + injury to the head + a head injury + Two players are out of the team because of injury. + There were no injuries in the crash (= no people injured). + No damage or injuries were reported. + (BrE, spoken) Don't do that. You'll do yourself an injury (= hurt yourself).
2 [U] (especially law) damage to a person's feelings: Damages may be awarded for emotional injury.
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Collocation Dictionary


appalling, bad, horrendous, major, nasty, serious, severe, terrible | crippling | fatal |
multiple | extensive | minor,
slight, superficial | old | nagging, niggling, recurring | long-term | permanent
Researchers have determined that heading a football can cause permanent injury.
| accidental | internal | visible | facial, head, knee, leg, spinal, etc. | sports | industrial | bodily, emotional, personal
(all law)


run, series, spate
He missed most of the season with a spate of injuries.


do yourself, incur, pick up, receive, suffer
You'll do yourself an injury riding that old bike. She picked up an injury during the quarter-final.
| risk
The doctor said he would risk serious injury if he were to fall again.
| cause (sb/sth), inflict
The car turned right over, causing severe injury to the driver. Please help me before our dogs inflict serious injury on each other!
| carry, have, nurse, suffer from
She has replaced him in the team while he nurses a shoulder injury.
| be prone to | feign
He was accused of feigning injury.
| aggravate
He aggravated a neck injury while playing for Derby County.
| die from/of
The inquest heard that he died from multiple injuries.
| avoid, escape
Stretching exercises can help avoid injury.

Fortunately, the passengers escaped serious injury.

| overcome, shake off
She has failed to shake off her stomach injury.
| recover from | deal with, treat, be treated for
Finger injuries should be dealt with immediately. He is still being treated for injuries to his legs.
| go off with
He went off (= off the playing field)with an injury in the second half.
| be out with
She is out (= out of the competition/team)for six weeks with a hamstring injury.
| pull out because of/due to/with
He pulled out with (= decided not to compete because of)an injury at the last moment.
| be back after/from, come back from, return after/from
She should be back from injury.
| have sb back after
India had wicketkeeper More back after injury.


happen (to sb), occur
This type of injury could happen to any player at any time. | result from sthinjuries resulting from exposure to harmful substances
| heal | dog sb/sth, hamper sb/sth, trouble sb
Her athletics career has been dogged by injury.
| sideline sb
Both defenders have been sidelined by injury.
| force sb to
The knee injury forced him to give up playing at the age of 23.
| arise from/out of
(law) personal injuries arising from negligence


The team has a lot of injury problems.
| time
They scored two goals in injury time (= time added at the end of a game because the game has been interrupted by injured players needing treatment).


because of ~
She's unable to play because of injury.
| through ~
He has pulled out of the match through injury.
| with ~
She slumped to the floor with injuries to her back and neck.
| without ~
a step-by-step guide to lifting without injury
| ~ from
injuries from the fire
| ~ to


add insult to injury
It adds insult to injury (= it make things worse)that banks are allowed to increase their charges without our knowledge or consent.
| a claim for injury
(law) a claim for personal injury
| a risk of injury
There is a real risk of injury in sports such as climbing.

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