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injured /'indʤəd/
  • tính từ
    • bị tổn thương, bị làm hại, bị thương
    • bị xúc phạm
    • tỏ vẻ bị xúc phạm, tỏ vẻ mếch lòng
      • in an injured voice: với giọng nói tỏ ra mếch lòng
Concise Dictionary
+cause injuries or bodily harm to
+hurt the feelings of
+cause damage or affect negatively

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 harm, wound, hurt, damage, impair:
He's sure to injure himself if he's allowed to play with a knife.
2 wrong, offend, abuse, hurt, wound, outrage, slight, insult, affront, mistreat, misuse, ill-treat, maltreat:
She starts the arguments yet she invariably takes the role of the injured party.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 physically hurt; having an injury: an injured leg + Luckily, she isn't injured. + Carter is playing in place of the injured O'Reilly.
2 (the injured) noun [pl.] the people injured in an accident, a battle, etc: Ambulances took the injured to a nearby hospital.
3 (of a person or their feelings) upset or offended because sth unfair has been done: an injured look / tone + injured pride
Collocation Dictionary


be, lie
He could have been lying injured on the moors after a fall from his horse.
| get


badly, critically, gravely, seriously, severely
her badly injured ankle Several people were seriously injured.
| slightly
a slightly injured arm
| fatally

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