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injure /'indʤə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm tổn thương, làm hại, làm bị thương
    • xúc phạm
Concise Dictionary
+cause injuries or bodily harm to
+hurt the feelings of
+cause damage or affect negatively

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 harm, wound, hurt, damage, impair:
He's sure to injure himself if he's allowed to play with a knife.
2 wrong, offend, abuse, hurt, wound, outrage, slight, insult, affront, mistreat, misuse, ill-treat, maltreat:
She starts the arguments yet she invariably takes the role of the injured party.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 to harm yourself or sb else physically, especially in an accident: He injured his knee playing hockey. + Three people were killed and five injured in the crash. + She injured herself during training.
2 to damage sb's reputation, pride, etc: This could seriously injure the company's reputation.
Collocation Dictionary

1 harm yourself/sb physically


badly, seriously, severely | slightly | accidentally
insurance to cover you in case one of your employees accidentally injures someone
| deliberately

2 damage sb's reputation, pride, etc.


seriously, severely
This incident could seriously injure the company's reputation.


be calculated to
be likely to
espionage activity which was likely to injure the national interest

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