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initiative /i'niʃiətiv/
  • tính từ
    • bắt đầu, khởi đầu
    • danh từ
      • bước đầu, sự khởi đầu, sự khởi xướng
        • to take the initiative in something: dẫn đầu trong việc gì, làm đầu tàu trong việc gì; khởi xướng việc gì
        • to have the initiative: có khả năng dẫn đầu; có quyền dẫn đầu
      • sáng kiến, óc sáng kiến
      • (quân sự) thế chủ động
        • to hold the initiative: nắm thế chủ động
      • quyền đề xướng luật lệ của người công dân (Thuỵ sĩ...)
    Concise Dictionary
    +readiness to embark on bold new ventures
    +the first of a series of actions
    +serving to set in motion
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 first move or step, lead, opening move:
    Hogan took the initiative by winning the first set.
    2 enterprise, aggressiveness, drive, ambition, ambitiousness, resourcefulness, leadership, dynamism, energy, vigour, hustle, élan, Colloq get-up-and-go, pep, snap, zip, zing:
    At least she had the initiative to get the company back on a profitable basis.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    1 [C] a new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose: a United Nations peace initiative + a government initiative to combat unemployment
    2 [U] the ability to decide and act on your own without waiting for sb to tell you what to do: You won't get much help. You'll have to use your initiative. + Too much bureaucracy represses creativity and initiative. + She did it on her own initiative (= without anyone telling her to do it).
    3 (the initiative) [sing.] the power or opportunity to act and gain an advantage before other people do: to seize / lose the initiative + It was up to the US to take the initiative in repairing relations.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 new plan


    fresh, new
    fresh initiatives to find a peaceful end to the conflict
    | pioneering
    pioneering initiatives in bioengineering
    | current, latest, recent | important, major | welcome | successful | practical | exciting | private | co-operative, joint | international, local, national, regional | government | business, diplomatic, economic, education/educational, environmental, marketing, peace, policy, political, research, training


    range, series


    The research initiative is being undertaken by a group of environmentalists.
    | plan | develop | announce | introduce, launch, set up, start
    The government has launched a new policy initiative.
    | be/become involved in
    Ten schools have been involved in the initiative.
    | lead | approve | reject
    The peace initiative was rejected out of hand.
    | sponsor
    a peace initiative sponsored by the Organization of African Unity
    | endorse, support
    The committee endorsed an initiative by the chairman to enter discussion about a possible merger.
    | welcome
    We welcome the government's initiative to help the homeless.
    | praise | encourage


    be aimed at sth, be designed to
    a local initiative aimed at economic regeneration an initiative designed to promote collaborative research
    | involve sth, relate to sth | founder
    The initiative foundered because there was no market interest in redevelopment.


    ~ against
    a new initiative against car theft
    | ~ by
    the latest initiative by the UN Secretary General
    | ~ for
    an initiative for peace and human rights
    | ~ on
    the government's major new initiative on crime > Special page at BUSINESS

    2 ability to decide/act independently


    considerable, great, real | individual, personal, private
    It is a very hierarchical company and there's little place for individual initiative.
    | entrepreneurial


    He had the initiative to ask what time the last train left.
    | display, show | act/work on your own, use
    He acted on his own initiative and wasn't following orders. Don't ask me what you should do all the time. Use your initiative!
    | lack | encourage, promote | stifle
    Raising taxes on small businesses will stifle initiative.


    on sb's ~
    The project was set up on the initiative of a local landowner.
    | ~ in
    Some scientists show little initiative in applying their knowledge.


    a lack of initiative, on your own initiative
    In an unprecedented action, the army, on its own initiative, arrested seven civilians.

    3 the initiative: opportunity to gain an advantage


    have, hold
    After their latest setback, the rebel forces no longer hold the initiative.
    | gain, seize, take | regain
    In the second half, Manchester United regained the initiative.
    | lose


    comes from sb/sth, lie with sb
    The initiative to re-open negotiations came from Moscow.


    ~ in
    She took the initiative in asking the board to conduct an enquiry.

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