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infer /in'fə:/
  • ngoại động từ
    • suy ra, luận ra; kết luận, đưa đến kết luận
    • hàm ý, gợi ý
    • đoán, phỏng đoán
Concise Dictionary
inferred|inferring|infersɪn'fɜr /-'fɜː
+reason by deduction; establish by deduction
+draw from specific cases for more general cases
+conclude by reasoning; in logic
+guess correctly; solve by guessing
+believe to be the case

Thesaurus Dictionary
deduce, derive, draw, conclude, understand, gather, surmise, guess, assume:
From the evidence, I infer that you were not at home last night.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (-rr-)
1 ~ sth (from sth) to reach an opinion or decide that sth is true on the basis of information that is available
Synonym: DEDUCE
[VN] Much of the meaning must be inferred from the context. + Readers are left to infer the killer's motives. + [V that] It is reasonable to infer that the government knew about these deals.
2 (non-standard) to suggest indirectly that sth is true: [V (that)] Are you inferring (that) I'm not capable of doing the job? [also VN]

infer / imply
Infer and imply have opposite meanings. The two words can describe the same event, but from different points of view. If a speaker or writer implies something, they suggest it without say-ing it directly: The article implied that the pilot was responsible for the accident. If you infer something from what a speaker or writer says, you come to the conclusion that this is what he or she means:
I inferred from the article that the pilot was responsible for the accident.

Infer is now often used with the same meaning as imply. However, many people consider that a sentence such as Are you inferring that I'm a liar? is incorrect, although it is fairly common in speech.
Collocation Dictionary




can/could | be possible to | be difficult to, be hard to
It is difficult to infer anything from such scanty evidence.
| be reasonable to | be wrong to


From this study we can reasonably infer that this behaviour is inherited.

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