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inevitable /in'evitəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể tránh được, chắc chắn xảy ra ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
    • (thông tục) vẫn thường thấy; vẫn thường nghe; quen thuộc
      • a tourist with his inevitable camera: nhà du lịch với chiếc máy ảnh quen thuộc
Concise Dictionary
+an unavoidable event
+incapable of being avoided or prevented
+invariably occurring or appearing

Thesaurus Dictionary
unavoidable, inescapable, ineluctable, unpreventable, certain, sure, destined, fated, assured, inexorable, irrevocable, unchangeable, absolute, ordained, decreed, authoritative, incontestable:
The inevitable outcome of war is misery for all participants.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 that you cannot avoid or prevent: It was an inevitable consequence of the decision. + It was inevitable that there would be job losses. + A rise in the interest rates seems inevitable.
2 [only before noun] (often humorous) so frequent that you always expect it: the English and their inevitable cups of tea
3 (the inevitable) noun [sing.] something that is certain to happen: You have to accept the inevitable. + The inevitable happened-I forgot my passport.
inevitability noun [U, sing.]: the inevitability of death + There was an inevitability about their defeat.
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, look, seem | become | make sth
The scandal made her resignation inevitable.
| regard sth as, see sth as
They came to see defeat as inevitable.


absolutely, quite | almost, virtually | apparently, seemingly | probably | historically, politically


bow to the inevitable
She bowed to the inevitable (= accepted a situation in which she had no choice)and resigned.

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