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indoctrinate /in'dɔktrineit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • truyền bá, truyền thụ, làm thấm nhuần; truyền giáo
      • to indoctrinate Buddhism: truyền bá đạo Phật
Concise Dictionary
indoctrinates|indoctrinated|indoctrinatingɪn'dɑktrɪneɪt /-'dɒk-
+teach doctrines to; teach uncritically
Thesaurus Dictionary
train, teach, instruct, school, discipline, drill, brainwash, propagandize; inculcate, imbue, instil, implant:
The children were indoctrinated to believe that they were members of the master race. He indoctrinated them with the idea that they were capable of anything.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(disapproving) to force sb to accept a particular belief or set of beliefs and not allow them to consider any others: [VN] They had been indoctrinated from an early age with their parents' beliefs. [also VN to inf]
indoctrination noun [U]: political / religious indoctrination

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