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indistinct /,indis'tiɳkt/
  • tính từ
    • không rõ ràng, phảng phất, lờ mờ
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 faint, dim, obscure, vague, blurred, blurry, filmy, hazy, misty, bleary, shadowy, fuzzy, foggy, murky, muddy, unclear, indiscernible, illegible, muffled, unintelligible, indistinguishable, indeterminate, confused, indefinite:
I could barely make out an indistinct figure in the dark. The writing on the matchbox was indistinct
2 indistinguishable, ambiguous, not distinct, equivocal, inseparable, ill-defined, undefined, nebulous, vague, confused:
The identity of the three brothers is indistinct in my mind.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
that cannot be seen, heard or remembered clearly
Synonym: VAGUE, HAZY
an indistinct figure in the distance + His memory of the incident was somewhat indistinct.
indistinctly adverb

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