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indicate /'indikeit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • chỉ, cho biết, ra dấu
      • the signpost indicated the right road for us to follow: tấm biển chỉ đường đã chỉ cho chúng tôi con đường đúng
    • tỏ ra, ra ý, ngụ ý, biểu lộ, biểu thị
      • his refusal indicated a warning: sự từ chối của ông ta ngụ ý cảnh cáo
    • trình bày sơ qua, nói ngắn gọn
      • in his speech, he indicated that...: trong bài nói, ông ta trình bày sơ qua là...
    • (y học) cần phải, đòi hỏi phải
      • some illnesses indicate radical treatment: một vài thứ bệnh đòi hỏi phải trị tận gốc
Concise Dictionary
+be a signal for or a symptom of
+indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively
+to state or express briefly
+give evidence of
+suggest the necessity of an intervention; in medicine

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 point out, point to, mark, specify, designate, indicate; call or direct attention to, show:
The thermometer indicated that the temperature was 22°C. Sally indicated the place where the dam would be built
2 imply, suggest, betoken, manifest, signify, bespeak, reveal, evince, evidence, denote:
Measles is indicated by the presence of Koplik's spots.
3 suggest, hint, imply, intimate; say, express, state, disclose, tell, make known, make clear, register, show, display, exhibit:
His frown indicated his doubts. She indicated her displeasure in a few, well-chosen words
4 call for, require, demand, need, recommend:
The doctor advised that a surgical procedure is indicated in such cases.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to show that sth is true or exists: [VN] Record profits in the retail market indicate a boom in the economy. + A yellowing of the skin indicates jaundice. + The article claims that an increase in crime indicates a decline in moral standards. + [V that] Research indicates that eating habits are changing fast. + [V] Kingston-upon-Thames, as the name indicates, is situated on the banks of the Thames. [also V wh-]
2 to be a sign of sth; to show that sth is possible or likely: [VN] A red sky at night often indicates fine weather the next day. + [V that] Early results indicate that the government will be returned to power.
3 ~ sth (to sb) to mention sth, especially in an indirect way: [V (that)] In a key speech, the Queen indicated (that) she was willing to pay tax. + [VN] During our meeting, he indicated his willingness to cooperate. [also V wh-]
point to
4 ~ sb/sth (to sb) to make sb notice sb/sth, especially by pointing or moving your head: [VN] She took out a map and indicated the quickest route to us. + 'What are they doing here?' he asked, indicating her bags in the hallway. + [V wh-] He indicated where the furniture was to go. [also V that]
give information
5 [VN] to represent information without using words: The results are indicated in Table 2.
6 to give information in writing: [VN] You are allowed 20kgs of baggage unless indicated otherwise on your ticket. + As indicated above, this chapter deals with the practical implications of the research. + [V wh-] Please indicate clearly which colour you require.
show measurement
7 (of an instrument for measuring things) to show a particular measurement: [VN] When the temperature gauge indicates 90?F or more, turn off the engine. [also V wh-]
in vehicle
8 (BrE) to show that your vehicle is going to change direction, by using lights or your arm: [V] Always indicate before moving into another lane. + [VN] He indicated left and then turned right. [also V (that)]
be recommended
9 [VN] [usually passive] (formal) to be necessary or recommended: A course of chemotherapy was indicated.
Collocation Dictionary


clearly | not necessarily
Expense does not necessarily indicate worth.


appear to, seem to
These facts would seem to indicate that the family was wealthy.
| be used to
Symbols are used to indicate the facilities available at each hotel.


These figures indicate to me that the company is in serious trouble.

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