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indelible /in'delibl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể gột sạch, không thể tẩy sạch, còn vết mãi
      • indelible ink: mực không tẩy được
      • an indelible shame: một sự nhục nhã không bao giờ rửa được
Concise Dictionary
+cannot be removed, washed away or erased
Thesaurus Dictionary
ineradicable or uneradicable or non-eradicable, inerasable or unerasable or non-erasable, ineffaceable, inexpungible, indestructible, uncancellable or non-cancellable, enduring, permanent, lasting, fixed, ingrained, inextirpable:
The laundry marks are in indelible ink. Irena makes an indelible impression on everyone she meets.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 impossible to forget or remove: The experience made an indelible impression on me. + Her unhappy childhood left an indelible mark.
2 (of ink, pens, etc.) leaving a mark that cannot be removed: an indelible marker / stain
indelibly adverb: That day is stamped indelibly on my memory.

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