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indefinite /in'definit/
  • tính từ
    • mập mờ, không rõ ràng, không dứt khoát
      • an indefinite answer: câu trả lời mập mờ, câu trả lời không dứt khoát
    • không giới hạn, không hạn định
    • (ngôn ngữ học) bất định
      • indefinite article: mạo từ bất định
    • (thực vật học) vô số, rất nhiều (bộ phận của hoa, như nhị...)
    • danh từ
      • (ngôn ngữ học) từ phiếm
    Concise Dictionary
    +vague or not clearly defined or stated
    +not decided or not known

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 uncertain, undetermined, undefined, imprecise, inexact, inexplicit, unspecified, unsettled, unfixed, unspecific, non-specific, vague, general, indeterminate, undecided, sub judice:
    The time of the meeting was indefinite.
    2 vague, unclear, obscure, confused, confusing, puzzling, baffling, cryptic, bewildering, mystifying, equivocal, ambiguous, unspecific, non-specific, inexplicit, inexact, imprecise:
    Your directions for getting here were too indefinite.
    3 ill-defined, undefined, blurred, blurry, hazy, indistinct, obscure, dim, fuzzy, unrecognizable, indistinguishable:
    Indefinite shapes loomed in the fog.
    4 unlimited, unknown, uncounted, uncountable, undefinable, indeterminate, indeterminable, unbounded, boundless, immeasurable, incalculable, limitless, endless, infinite:
    He pondered the indefinite capacities of the mind.
    5 hesitant, vague, shilly-shallying, vacillating, indecisive, undecided, inconstant, wavering, unsure, uncertain, Colloq wishy-washy:
    She is still indefinite about going to the party.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + adjective
    1 lasting for a period of time that has no fixed end: She will be away for the indefinite future. + The workers have been on indefinite strike since July.
    2 not clearly defined: an indefinite science

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