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indecent /in'di:snt/
  • tính từ
    • không đứng dắn, không đoan trang, không tề chỉnh; không hợp với khuôn phép
    • khiếm nhã, bất lịch sự, sỗ sàng
Concise Dictionary
+not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society
+offensive to good taste especially in sexual matters
+offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 indecorous, indelicate, immodest, improper, unbecoming, unsuitable, unfit, inappropriate; in bad taste:
When he proposed marriage she accepted with indecent haste.
2 unseemly, shameless, shameful, offensive, outrageous, repellent, repulsive, distasteful, ill-mannered, rude, suggestive, coarse, risqué, vulgar, blue, obscene, gross, rank, prurient, dirty, foul, filthy, pornographic, ithyphallic, scatological, salacious, lascivious, licentious, lewd, lubricious or lubricous, smutty, vile, degenerate, debauched:
There are always a lot of complaints about indecent language on television.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of behaviour, talk, etc.) thought to be morally offensive, especially because it involves sex or being naked: indecent conduct / photos / language + He made an indecent suggestion to my wife.
Compare: DECENT
2 (of clothes) showing parts of the body that are usually covered: That skirt of hers is positively indecent.
3 not done in the appropriate or usual amount of time: They left the funeral with almost indecent haste (= too quickly).
indecently adverb: He was charged with indecently assaulting five women. + She was deemed to be indecently dressed.
Collocation Dictionary

1 involving naked people, sex, etc.


be | class sth as, consider sth, regard sth as, think sth
photographs that are classed as indecent


grossly, positively
That skirt of hers is positively indecent.

2 not morally right


be, seem


The rush to get hold of their father's money seemed positively indecent.
| almost
She started a new relationship with almost indecent haste.

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