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inconsistency /,inkən'sistəns/ (inconsistency) /,inkən'sistənsi/
  • danh từ
    • sự mâu thuẫn, sự trái nhau; sự không trước sau như một
    • lời tuyên bố đấy mâu thuẫn
    • hành động không trước sau như một
Collocation Dictionary


serious | glaring | apparent | internal
Researchers have found that internal inconsistencies in hospital case notes are common.
| logical


contain | be filled with
The script is filled with logical inconsistencies.
| lead to, result in
The lack of a clear set of competition rules resulted in inconsistency in the awarding of prizes.
| find, see, spot
The program has found an inconsistency in the database files. She was quick to spot the inconsistencies between his two reports.
| point out, reveal
Commentators have pointed out the inconsistencies in the government's financial policy.
| remove, resolve
The amendment will remove the inconsistency between the two laws.


emerge | creep in, creep into sth
Inconsistencies began to creep into his testimony.


~ in
inconsistencies in the evidence

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