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  • (toán kinh tế) thu nhập
  • annual i. thu nhập hàng năm
  • national i. thu nhập quốc dân
Concise Dictionary
incomes'ɪŋkʌm ,-kəm
+the financial gain (earned or unearned) accruing over a given period of time
Thesaurus Dictionary
return, revenue(s), receipts, proceeds, profit(s), gain(s), takings:
Most of his income is from investments.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[C, U] the money that a person, a region, a country, etc. earns from work, from investing money from business, etc: people on high / low incomes + a weekly disposable income (= the money that you have left to spend after tax, etc.) of £200 + a rise in national income + They receive a proportion of their income from the sale of goods and services. + Tourism is a major source of income for the area. + higher / middle / lower income groups
Collocation Dictionary


the distribution/redistribution of income, a drop in income, income and expenditure
Every company must keep control of its income and expenditure.
| income per capita/head
Real income per head of population was at a low point five years ago.
| a source of income

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indicators ~ be down/up
With the share price down at 234p, it might be time to start buying. The CAC index was up 18.84 points.

~ reach sth, stand at sth
Consumer confidence reached a 30-year high. Second quarter sales stood at £ 18 billion.

~ be/remain unchanged
The 100 Share Index remained unchanged at 5297.

~ gain (sth)
The share gained 19 cents to close at 4.38.

~ suffer (sth)
Profit margins suffered when the company lowered prices to remain competitive.

~ climb, edge up, go up, increase ( ~ increase in value
for currencies
), jump, rise, rocket, shoot up, skyrocket, soar (
+by, from, to or no preposition
Earnings per share climbed from 3.5p to 5.1p. The pound has increased in value relative to the euro. Profits have shot up by a staggering 25%. Oil prices have skyrocketed.

~ come/go down, crash, decline, decrease ( ~ decrease in value
for currencies
), dive, drop, fall, plummet, plunge, shrink, slip, slump (
+by, from, to or no preposition
Banana exports crashed nearly 50%. The pound fell to a 14-year low against the dollar. Net income plummeted to USD 3.7 million.


above-average, high, large |
sufficient | average
Average incomes are rising more slowly.
below-average, low, meagre,
small | rising | additionalThey hope that the lottery will provide additional income for charities.
| total | future | permanent, secure | regular, steady | annual, monthly, weekly | national | per capita the average
per capita income
| personal,
privateHe has a large private income on top of what he earns as a teacher.
| family, household |
gross, pre-tax | taxable | after-tax, net, post-tax | disposable | real | earned | unearned | money
the money incomes of individuals
| retirement | capital, fee, foreign, investment


have | receive
She received an income for life as a result of her father's will.
| earn, generate, provide (sb with)
Financial assets have the advantage of earning income.

The return on your investment can provide you with regular income.

| boost, increase, supplement
ways of boosting your retirement income She supplements her income by doing an evening job.
| reduce | exceed
For 2001, expenditure exceeded income by £10,000.
| depend on | live on
A large number of families in the area are living on below-average incomes.
| redistribute
They aim to redistribute income from the rich to the poor.
| treat sth as
Interest is treated as income for tax purposes.


arise (from sth), come from sth, derive from sth
If a person's income arises in the UK it is subject to UK income tax. A lot of our income comes from bank interest.
| grow, increase, rise | drop, fall | exceed sth


bracket, group, level
Elderly people often belong to a low income group.
| distribution, redistribution | incomes policy
There are internal disputes over the party's incomes policy.
| support
A single mother of three, she relies on income support.
| statement
a company's income statement
| tax

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