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inch /intʃ/
  • danh từ
    • đảo nhỏ (Ê-cốt)
    • danh từ
      • insơ (đơn vị đo chiều dài Anh bằng 2, 54 cm)
      • mức (nước, mưa...) một insơ
      • một chút, một chút xíu, một tí; một tấc (đất...); một bước
        • to ground: tranh chấp từng tất đất
        • not to yield (give way) an inch: không nhượng một bước
      • (số nhiều) tầm vóc
        • a man of your inches: người cùng tầm vóc như anh
      • by inches
        • inch by inch
          • dần dần; tí một; từng bước
        • every inch
          • về mọi mặt, hoàn toàn, hệt như
        • to look every inch a sailor: trông hệt như một thuỷ thủ
        • give him an inch and he'll take an ell
          • (tục ngữ) cho nó một thì nó vớ mười; cho nó được đằng chân nó sẽ lấn đằng đầu
        • within an inch of
          • suýt nữa, gần
        • to flog somebody within an inch of his life: đánh cho ai gần chết
      • động từ
        • đi lần lần, đi rất chậm, đi từng bước, dịch lần lần
          • to inch along the street: đi lần lần dọc theo phố
          • to inch one's way forward: tiến lên từng bước một
    Concise Dictionary
    +a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
    +a unit of measurement for advertising space
    +advance slowly, as if by inches
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 (abbreviation in.) a unit for measuring length, equal to 2.54 CENTIMETRES. There are twelve inches in a FOOT: 1.14 inches of rain fell last night. + She's a few inches taller than me. + a fat envelope about half an inch thick + Since I started jogging I've lost three and a half inches from my waistline.
    2 a small amount or distance: He escaped death by an inch. + The car missed us by inches. + Ronaldo was just inches away from scoring.
    Idioms: every inch
    1 the whole of sth: The doctor examined every inch of his body. + (figurative) If they try to fire me I'll fight them every inch of the way.
    2 completely: In his first game the young player already looked every inch a winner.
    give sb an inch (and they'll take a mile / yard) (saying) used to say that if you allow some people a small amount of freedom or power they will see you as weak and try to take a lot more
    inch by inch very slowly and with great care or difficulty: She crawled forward inch by inch.
    not budge / give / move an inch to refuse to change your position, decision, etc. even a little: We tried to negotiate a lower price but they wouldn't budge an inch.
    within an inch of sth / of doing sth very close to sth/doing sth: She was within an inch of being killed. + They beat him within an inch of his life (= very severely).
    more at TRUST v.
    + verb [+adv./prep.] to move or make sth move slowly and carefully in a particular direction: [V] She moved forward, inching towards the rope. + [VN] I inched the car forward. + He inched his way through the narrow passage.
    Collocation Dictionary

    More information about MEASURE


    and measures ~ of
    I always drink gallons of water.

    half a, a quarter of a ~
    half a litre of milk

    a half/quarter
    hour, inch, mile, ounce, pint, poundThey used to sell corned beef at 2d a quarter pound.

    cubic, square ~
    One litre is equivalent to 1,000 cubic centimetres.

    ~ square
    The room is about 15 metres square.

    ~ broad, deep, high, long, tall, thick, wide
    The new dock was 230 m long and 92 m broad.

    ~ bigger, cooler, faster, heavier, lighter, slower, etc.
    The climate was several degrees warmer than it is now.

    about, approximately, around ~
    1 foot = approx. 0.3 metres

    be, cover, measure, span, stretch (for) ~
    used with measures of distance and areaThe National Park covers 3,000 acres. The sandy beach stretches for over four miles.

    be, weigh ~
    used with measures of weightShe weighed over ten stone.

    be, last, take ~
    used with measures of timeIt takes approximately 365 and a quarter days for the earth to revolve around the sun.

    in a ~
    How many centilitres are there in a litre?

    in ~s
    We were asked to estimate the temperature of the room in degrees.

    to a/the ~
    My car does 10 miles to the litre.

    a, per ~
    They're 99p a dozen. a safety threshold of 50 mg of nitrates per litre

    by the ~
    Apples are sold by the kilogram.

    of ~
    The path will be built to a width of 2 metres.

    ~ in area, length, volume, weight, size, etc.
    Killer whales are up to ten metres in length.

    ~ by ~
    a huge room measuring 50 m by 18 m

    to the nearest ~
    Give your answer to the nearest metre.

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