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incapable /in'keipəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không đủ khả năng, bất tài, bất lực
      • an incapable man: một kẻ bất tài
    • (+ of) không thể
      • incapable of doing something: không thể làm được điều gì
      • incapable of [telling] a lie: không thể nào nói dối được
      • incapable of improvement: không thể nào cải tiến được
    • (pháp lý) không đủ tư cách
    • drunk and incapable
      • say không biết trời đất
Concise Dictionary
+(followed by `of') lacking capacity or ability
+not being susceptible to or admitting of something (usually followed by `of')
+lacking the necessary skill or knowledge etc.
+(followed by `of') not having the temperament or inclination for
+not meeting requirements

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Often, incapable of. unable (to), powerless (to), incompetent (to), unfit (to), unqualified (to), impotent (to), unequal to, not up to:
He seems incapable of completing his assignment.
2 incapable of. insusceptible to, resistant to, impervious to, ill-disposed to, disinclined to, not open to:
He is incapable of dishonesty.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 ~ of sth / of doing sth not able to do sth: incapable of speech / movement + The children seem to be totally incapable of working by themselves.
2 not able to control yourself or your affairs; not able to do anything well: He was found lying in the road, drunk and incapable. + If people keep telling you you're incapable, you begin to lose confidence in yourself.
Antonym: CAPABLE
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, feel, prove, seem | become | make sb, render sb
The wine had made him incapable of thinking clearly.
| adjudge sb, deem sb


absolutely, completely, quite, totally, utterly, wholly | almost | largely | clearly | inherently | constitutionally, temperamentally
She was constitutionally incapable of bad temper.
| physically
He was apparently physically incapable of lowering his voice.
| mentally
This type of arrangement remains valid even if you become mentally incapable.


Computers are incapable of creative thought.

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