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inadequacy /in'ædikwəsi/
  • danh từ ((cũng) inadequateness)
    • sự không tương xứng, sự không xứng, sự không thích đáng, sự không thoả đáng
    • sự không đủ, sự không đầy đủ, sự thiếu
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural inadequacies)
1 [U] ~ (of sth) the state of not being enough or good enough: the inadequacy of our resources
2 [U] a state of not being able or confident to deal with a situation: a feeling / sense of inadequacy
3 [C, usually pl.] ~ (of / in sth) a weakness; a lack of sth: gross inadequacies in the data + He had to face up to his own inadequacies as a father.
Collocation Dictionary


total | fundamental | glaring, obvious | personal | sexual, social | theoretical


demonstrate, expose, highlight, point out/to, reveal, show (up)
She rightly points to the inadequacy of the argument. The test soon revealed several inadequacies in the equipment.
| realize, recognize, see
I now see the inadequacy of the explanation.
| admit to
His advice was to be defensive and never admit to any inadequacy.
| cover up, disguise, hide
They possibly falsified the results to cover up the inadequacies of their theory.
| overcome
Clear legislative reform is needed to overcome the inadequacies of the current situation.


arise from sth, stem from sth


~ in
inadequacies in educational facilities


a feeling/sense of inadequacy

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