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improvise /'imprəvaiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • ứng khẩu, cương (trên sân khấu...)
    • làm ứng biến, làm ngay được
      • to improvise a bed out of leaves: ứng biến làm ngay được một chỗ nằm bằng lá cây
Concise Dictionary
+perform without preparation
+manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 ad lib, extemporize, Colloq play (it) by ear, fake it, wing it:
I like a comedian who improvises as he goes along.
2 invent, concoct, devise, contrive, jury-rig; make do:
We had to improvise a mast from parts of the boom. When you have nothing to work with, you have to improvise.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to make or do sth using whatever is available, usually because you do not have what you really need: [V] There isn't much equipment. We're going to have to improvise. + [VN] We improvised some shelves out of planks of wood and bricks.
2 ~ (on sth) to invent music, the words in a play, a statement, etc. while you are playing or speaking, instead of planning it in advance: [V] 'It'll be ready some time next week, I expect,' she said, improvising. + He improvised on the melody. + [VN] an improvised response / speech
improvisation noun [U, C]
Collocation Dictionary


We hastily improvised a screen out of an old blanket.


have to
There isn't much equipment. We're going to have to improvise.

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