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improve /im'pru:v/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cải tiến, cải thiện, cải tạo, trau dồi (tư tưởng), mở mang (kiến thức...)
      • to improve one's style of work: cải tiến lề lối làm việc
      • to improve one's life: cải thiện đời sống
    • lợi dụng, tận dụng
      • to improve the occasion: tận dụng cơ hội
  • nội động từ
    • được cải tiến, được cải thiện, trở nên tốt hơn; tiến bộ
      • to improve in health: sức khoẻ tốt hơn lên
      • her English improves very quickly: cô ta tiến nhanh về tiếng Anh
    • to improve away
      • cải tiến để xoá bỏ (những cái chưa tốt...); loại trừ (những cái chưa tốt...) bằng cách cải tiến
    • to improve on (uopn)
      • làm tốt hơn, hoàn thiện hơn
    • this can hardly be improved on: cái đó khó mà làm tốt hơn được
Concise Dictionary
+to make better
+get better

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 better, ameliorate, upgrade, uplift, amend, enhance, fix up, reform, redeem, rehabilitate, redress, repair, correct, rectify, put or set right, emend; modernize, update, refurbish, recondition, renovate, repair, overhaul, remodel:
We must improve procedures for dealing with small claims. The landlord refuses to spend any money to improve the property
2 develop, increase, advance, promote, further, benefit; look up, recover, pick up, Colloq give a new lease of or US on life, take a turn for the better, US take a new lease on life:
How can I improve my chances of winning at snooker? Business has improved considerably
3 convalesce, recuperate, recover, get better, mend, rally, (make) progress, gain (strength or ground), revive:
Mrs Costello is out of intensive care and improving daily.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
to become better than before; to make sth/sb better than before: [V] His quality of life has improved dramatically since the operation. + The doctor says she should continue to improve (= after an illness). + I hope my French will improve when I go to France. + [VN] to improve efficiency / standards / conditions + The company needs to improve performance in all these areas. + I need to improve my French.
Phrasal Verbs: improve on / upon sth to achieve or produce sth that is of a better quality than sth else: We've certainly improved on last year's figures.
Collocation Dictionary


considerably, dramatically, greatly, immeasurably, materially, radically, significantly, substantially, vastly | markedly, noticeably | marginally, slightly | rapidly | steadily


continue to
The weather should continue to improve over the weekend.
| strive to, try to
trying to improve their working conditions
| help to | be designed to


aimed at improving sth
measures aimed at improving government efficiency
| an attempt/effort to improve sth, an incentive to improve sth
Workers need to be given an incentive to improve their performance.
| much improved
We now offer a much improved service to our customers.

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