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impractical /im'præktikəl/
  • tính từ
    • không thực tế
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 visionary, starry-eyed, unrealistic, romantic, quixotic, wild:
Laura's solutions are very creative but quite impractical.
2 useless, ineffective, ineffectual, unworkable, unavailing, impracticable:
The idea looked good on paper but proved impractical when we tried it.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 not sensible or realistic: It was totally impractical to think that we could finish the job in two months.
2 (of people) not good at doing things that involve using the hands; not good at planning or organizing things: He was a wonderful companion but hopelessly impractical.
impracticality [U]: She explained to her superiors the impracticality of such a project.
Collocation Dictionary

1 not sensible or reasonable


be, prove
Such a solution proved impractical.
| become | make sth
The weight of the machine makes lifting it impractical.
| consider sth, deem sth, find sth, regard sth as
They found his ideas impractical.


highly, hopelessly
The long flowing dress was highly impractical.
| completely, downright, entirely, quite, totally, wholly | rather, somewhat | fundamentally
a fundamentally impractical design
| obviously

2 not good at everyday jobs


be, seem


He was hopelessly impractical when it came to planning new projects.

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