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imposition /,impə'ziʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự đánh thuế má
    • sự bắt chịu, sự gánh vác; sự bắt theo; sự đòi hỏi quá đáng
    • sự lừa gạt, trò lừa gạt, trò bịp
    • bài phạt (học sinh) ((thường) (viết tắt), (thông tục) impo, impot)
      • to set an imposition: bắt làm bài phạt
    • (ngành in) sự lên khuôn
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inflicting, infliction; applying, application, enforcing, enforcement, levy, levying, promulgating, promulgation, introducing, introduction, placing, placement, laying on:
People resent the imposition of a curfew.
2 burden, onus, weight; intrusion, misuse:
A flat-rate tax is a terrible imposition on the poor. Walking the dog is an imposition on my time.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] the act of introducing sth such as a new law or rule, or a new tax: the imposition of martial law + the imposition of tax on domestic fuel
2 [C] an unfair or unreasonable thing that sb expects or asks you to do: I'd like to stay if it's not too much of an imposition.
Collocation Dictionary

1 act of imposing sth


Several reasons were put forward to justify the imposition of censorship.
| oppose, resist | resent


~ on
resisting the imposition of VAT on fuel

2 unreasonable thing sb expects you to do


unacceptable, unwelcome


~ on
She felt the journey to be an unwelcome imposition on her time.

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