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imply /im'plai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • ý nói; ngụ ý; bao hàm ý
      • silence implies consent: im lặng là ngụ ý bằng lòng
      • do you imply that I am not telling the truth?: ý anh muốn nói rằng tôi không kể sự thực phải không?
Concise Dictionary
+express or state indirectly
+suggest as a logically necessary consequence; in logic
+have as a logical consequence
+suggest that someone is guilty
+have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 suggest, hint (at), intimate, insinuate:
Are you implying that I don't know what I'm talking about?
2 connote, allude to, refer to, advert to, signify, signal, betoken, denote, indicate, mean, express; involve, include, evidence, assume, presume, entail:
Silence sometimes implies consent. Discovery of the tools implies a more advanced culture.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (implies, implying, implied, implied)
1 to suggest that sth is true or that you feel or think sth, without saying so directly: [V (that)] Are you implying (that) I am wrong? + [VN] I disliked the implied criticism in his voice. + His silence seemed to imply agreement. [also VN that] - INFER
2 to make it seem likely that sth is true or exists: [V (that)] The survey implies (that) more people are moving house than was thought. + [VN] The fact that she was here implies a degree of interest. [also VN that]
3 [VN] (of an idea, action, etc.) to make sth necessary in order to be successful: The project implies an enormous investment in training. + Sustainable development implies a long-term perspective.
Collocation Dictionary


clearly, heavily, strongly | simply | generally, normally, usually | automatically | not necessarily
This does not necessarily imply that children achieve better results in private schools.
| in no way
They believe that submission in no way implies inferiority.


seem to
The letter seems to imply that the minister knew about the business deals.
| intend to, mean to
I never meant to imply any criticism.
| take sth to
This statement should not be taken to imply that the government is exonerated of all blame.


express or implied
the express or implied terms of the contract

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