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implore /im'plɔ:/
  • động từ
    • cầu khẩn, khẩn nài, van xin
      • to implore someone for something: cầu khẩn ai điều gì
      • to implore forgiveness: van xin tha thứ
Concise Dictionary
implores|implored|imploringɪm'plɔr /-'plɔː
+call upon in supplication; entreat
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(formal or literary) to ask sb to do sth in an anxious way because you want or need it very much
[VN to inf] She implored him to stay. + [V speech] 'Help me,' he implored. + [VN] Tell me it's true. I implore you. [also VN speech]
imploring adjective: She gave him an imploring look.

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