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impetus /'impitəs/
  • danh từ
    • sức xô tới, sức đẩy tới
    • (nghĩa bóng) sự thúc đẩy
Concise Dictionary
+a force that moves something along
+the act of applying force suddenly

Thesaurus Dictionary
drive, stimulus, push, impulse, goad, thrust, energy, momentum, stimulation, incentive, motivation, encouragement, inspiration:
Roger's innovative ideas provided the impetus to develop new products.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, sing.] ~ (for sth)
~ (to sth / to do sth) something that encourages a process or activity to develop more quickly
to give (a) new / fresh impetus to sth + The Prime Minister's support will give (an) added impetus to the campaign against crime. + The debate seems to have lost much of its initial impetus. + His articles provided the main impetus for change.
2 [U] (technical) the force or energy with which sth moves
Collocation Dictionary


considerable, great, powerful, strong | main, major | immediate, initial, original | fresh, new, renewed
Each new rumour added fresh impetus to the smear campaign.
| added, extra, further | necessary
His disappointment in the World Championships provided the necessary impetus to give everything for this final race.


add, give sb/sth, provide (sb/sth with)
The slope added impetus to his speed.
| gain, gather, receive
The movement is steadily gaining impetus.
| lose
With the death of its founder, the campaign lost much of its impetus.


come from sth
Much of the impetus for change came from customers' opinions.


~ behind sb/sth
The main impetus behind the move west was to find gold and other minerals.
| ~ for
the impetus for arms control agreements
| ~ towards
the impetus towards urban development

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