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immediately /i'mi:djətli/
  • phó từ
    • ngay lập tức, tức thì
    • trực tiếp
Concise Dictionary
+without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
+near or close by
+bearing an immediate relation

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 at once, instantly, instantaneously, promptly, right away, right now, without delay, unhesitatingly, without hesitation, forthwith, this instant, directly, in a wink, in a second, in a minute, tout de suite, instanter, Chiefly Brit straightaway or straight away, Colloq pronto, in a jiffy, in two shakes of a lamb's tail, before you can say 'Jack Robinson', at the drop of a hat:
Come here immediately. I shall be there immediately.
2 directly, closely, intimately:
These reactions are immediately concerned with the temperature.
3 when, as soon as, the moment (that), Brit directly:
Immediately he heard the news, he hurried to her side.
Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, conjunction
+ adverb
1 without delay; at once: She answered almost immediately. + The point of my question may not be immediately apparent.
2 (usually with prepositions) next to or very close to a particular place or time: Turn right immediately after the church. + the years immediately before the war + Who is immediately above a colonel in rank?
3 (usually with past participles) closely and directly: Counselling is being given to those most immediately affected by the tragedy.
+ conjunction
(especially BrE) as soon as: Immediately she'd gone, I remembered her name.

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