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immaculate /i'mækjulit/
  • tính từ
    • tinh khiết, trong trắng, không vết
    • (thường)(mỉa mai) không chê vào đâu được, không có khuyết điểm nào, không có sai lầm gì
    • (sinh vật học) không có đốm, không có vết
    • immaculate Conception
      • (tôn giáo) sự thụ thai tinh khiết (Đức bà Ma-ri)
Concise Dictionary
ɪ'mækjəlɪt /-kjʊl-
+completely neat and clean
+free from stain or blemish
+without fault or error

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 spotless, stainless, unblemished, pure, clean, untarnished, unsullied, unsoiled, snow-white, spick and span, dapper, spruce; tidy, neat:
Each morning he donned an immaculate uniform.
2 pure, chaste, innocent, virginal, virtuous, vestal, pristine, undefiled, untainted, unspoiled, unblemished, stainless, unadulterated:
He remained convinced of his wife's immaculate reputation.
3 faultless, flawless, perfect, errorless, impeccable:
His essay on Gibbon is an example of immaculate scholarship.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 extremely clean and tidy
She always looks immaculate. + an immaculate uniform / room + The property is in immaculate condition.
2 containing no mistakes
Synonym: PERFECT
an immaculate performance + The incident ruined an otherwise immaculate safety record. + His sense of timing was immaculate.
immaculately adverb: immaculately dressed
Collocation Dictionary


be, look | keep sth


absolutely, totally

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